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User Info: Crystalorbie

7 months ago#1
So that was a run I shouldn't have been able to do.

Among other things, I took 2 Risky Potions bought from shops, one in floors 11-20, another in the 40-49 floors (high lvl 20s and, no joke, lvl 99 when I did so)

Having Yurika and getting a monster floor after that second one REALLY helped me out. (Haine + Somnambulance Tomes became a staple combo, even more than her Hallucenating second skill)

Got a 2 star Matk Saber early. Accidentally put it in a hardened purse (I thought, for some reason, I had a spare) Got another and swore off non-preservation purses. (Matk deals with Fantastic Flan and those de-equipping knight armors much better than Patk, and nothing really blocks it very well, counterpoint is not having as much side effects to boost magical damage output compared to physical damage output, but in a random run I wouldn't rely on that kinda stuff anyways)

Ran out of Haine (skill 3) on floor 72, may have over-countered the remaining Insta-Death ghosts (Purple Skull ones that have auto-haste) Also Cast Away those same ghosts, but like 5 others had spawned at the start of the floor.

Started using Z-bust Laser both to save myself and regain skill uses.

Bandit Biter is best countered with early skill 1 and, if needed, late skill 4, I never lasered him. Lasers were best used on Trickitty (De-equips twice per turn if close, and unlike the armors it also damages you) and Blaze Draig (Without reflect magic you'll take 250 damage and have trouble getting close to him without getting knocked away so damage from a distance helps a lot)

Save Bullets for those gold mirrors, they're annoying and its the easiest way to kill em.

Save Arrows for anything giving you item trouble, like thieves or piggies so you don't have nearly as many turns next to them.

After floor 80 don't be afraid to cut and run, the floors are big, the enemies are many and the turn count before the floor gets filled with red death is really low. The rewards usually aren't worth searching out completely.

Hmm, what else... Keep a spare weapon if you can. If equipment comes with a 'block sleep/item change/rust/confusion/de-equipping' keep them until you can fold it into your main equipment, or just keep it to hopefully switch to when needed. (Valedictorian/Piggies/Books/Birds/Armors[NOT Trickitty, deals too much damage so de-equipping is not the main problem])

Really consider if its worth trying to bring an item out of the dungeon (I spent a lot of time with items clogging up my space that I probably should've ditched at the first opportunity, like 3 cast away potions, of which I had two by the end)

Goes without saying but Fairy Blessings are the most valuable item you can grab from any shop because, if I'm any indication, mistakes will be made. (Had 3 at various points but never more than 1 at a time, because mistakes were made)

Bring in 100k to not have to care. (I only brought 50k and had to make decisions about greedrat shops in floors 30-39 at like 2 different points, ended the run with well over 100k anyways)

For those not knowing from elsewhere, Trickitty, Blaze Draig, Fantastic Flan, and Bandit Biter are all immune to status effects.

Trickitty has auto-haste, summons item/trap/enemies, (I don't think Trickitty can summon itself but it tends to be floors with other monsters that can summon it) and has a heavy damage Armor Breaker at melee range, but under 999 hp (Z bust laser kills it) Also teleports and sleeps when low on hp. (makes it hard to kill for xp)

Blaze Draig attacks with fire magic, typically takes 2 charge turns then either the 24 surrounding squares (like skill 2) or 3 lines at 45 degree angles in front. If in melee range while its not charging, it'll typically use a tail swipe that knocks you back. Also has more than 999 hp, but a Z bust laser may still help by taking out a chunk of it. Drops rare and powerful wrapping underwear, but you'll likely not power it up enough compared to what you'll have by this point.

Fantastic Flan summons enemies and attacks them weakly for some reason. I think it makes sure they're awake. I think it may have under 999 hp but if you've an matk weapon that just means a quicker kill.

Bandit Biter has auto-haste and 1300 hp. Expect between 80-130 damage twice because of auto-haste. May crit as well. Still, no other tricks to worry about so just account for the damage range you're at and you should beat it. Don't forget skill 4 gives evasive for a bit too. A few floors overlap with the worm enemies, be carefull as they'll get extra turns there if you get slowed. (one of my mistakes)

Valedictorians (green plague docs with books) and Avas (red birds) deserve special mention. Vales casts sleep and can chuck omega slash (flat non-blockable 100 damage) at random. Roomy tomes are schmuck bait because of that. Avas have massive damage in melee range, deal Mass Confusion in response to skill usage and LOVE being part of monster rooms when you wanna use skill 3. (And skill 1 to heal it just causes another mass confusion) which is why I recommend keeping equipment just for them. Of course you could, for the Avas anyways, just skill 3 anyways and then skill 2/Somnambulance tome away any threats for 20 turns...
Try to make sense of the above post.
Go on, I'll wait... maybe.

User Info: Oorann

7 months ago#2
For my one and ONLY Distant Garden run, I went with Hinata for the apple pie skill so I can farm for levels early on and the ability to boost Atk and Def. The flat 100 room wide damage wasn't bad nor was the first skill. I've also made sure to use online cloud save as a backup before a new floor so I didn't have to waste my time anymore. (I've attempted Distant Garden about 6 times and failed)

I would only continue on with my playthrough if I saw a greedrat with BOTH Meowee's Paw and Meowee's Shield. The paw for being able to attack both the front and the back, while the shield boosting evasion a little. (Though, with this set up, you could also use Juri to boost that evasion chance and her ability to make herself invisible can come in handle in a tough situation.)

All Potions, Super Potions and Hyper Potions are your friends in boosting your Max HP. Protection Tomes and upgrade Tomes are great as well as Boost potions.

Anyways, with the paw, dealing with the birds were easy since you can attack behind you. Ice Arrows were used to farm Blaze Draig for the Loincloth and Bust Wrappings for 100% Crit, which helped me kill enemies faster, easing up my playthroughs. Other elemental arrows were for armor folks, trickitty and flans to weaken them to finish them off with Crit Meowee's Paw.

The only skills I've gotten and used were Block Slow, and Block Poor Aim. I can't remember the other skills used but everything Crystalorbie listed is very good to have.

I've used Cast Away Potions immediately on Valedictorians then again for Instant Death ghosts and again on Valedictorians when I saw them again in i think Floor B90?

Though, starting from when I got both the Book of Descending and Frail Grand Sword in my preservation purses, I started to book it to the stairs as fast as possible.
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  3. Finished 'A Distant Garden' finally tips inside if you want (used Yurika myself)
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