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User Info: melekeddine

1 month ago#1
I've always wanted to use :

1- Sheryl, I have rarely to almost never use Evocations, so having her being a marksman from the start is nice, she also has Hexes for morale and ailments infliction and Lotions for healing.

2- Nora, she was always benched after a few fights, but seeing her remnant accessory, I think she will perform spectacularly in a mystic union, she's a bit similar to sheryl, but I wonder if it's possible to make her a marauder and keep her there.

3- Jorgen, cuz even when he's a Djin he still says "I don't have a lot of self-confidence.", but the fact that you can choose his path is unique.

4- Violet, she's the only dedicated physical Staff user in the game, and she hits really hard, also she's the best candidate for the Druid class.

5- Blocter, having his remnant can save a bard or wandered class unit in the union, plus I he's capable to use one handed axe arts

Any units you you have like that?

any units you have like that.

User Info: KazumiAmano

1 month ago#2
I think by now I've used almost everyone I want to that you can recruit by Duke of Ghor's recruitment. The ones I want to use are the ones you can't obtain until extreme late game, like Wyngale, Leucetius, and all of The Seven. I do use a few of them but outside of Hannah and Hinnah for fast farming, it's more a formality since I usually have fully fleshed out characters by the time I've beaten The Seven.

It always comes down to if I want to regrind when I can go do anything in the game including the true final boss. The desire to use these cool new characters, or the ones I've worked on already and DON'T need hours of training ... I can never side with the former.
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User Info: pearlfx

1 month ago#3
Sheryl, Duke of Ghor and Haruko I have never used and would like to.

I have hired Nora, Loki, Leshu (sp), and a few others only for them to sit on the bench.

I just did a run with Violet for the first time. Same with Blocter. His remnant is pretty nice but I don’t think it’s enough for me to use him again. It’s not that I dislike Blocter, I just have others I like more.

I have never hired any of The Seven as I get around to them so late in the game.
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  3. Units you've always wanted to use but never did
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