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  3. As someone who only played 360 version, this was so good to come back to!


2 months ago#1

Rush can now actually sprint across maps
Turn off abilities you dont need or use (dont remember if you could do this on 360)
which makes it way easier to have a character aim for a specific class
game obviously runs way better, no textures loading, no game having a heart attack with gae bolg
battles have turbo mode, saving a ton of time
you can have all the leaders you would like just as PC version, this was only a dream for 360 lol

unfortunately the weapon upgrade system for your party is still kinda terrible
I really hate the fact that the component is literally in my inventory but they wont take it, you have to go and grind for a new one
You can kind of pick who you want an accessory to go to but still annoying and unnecessary
Sometimes game can feel very grindy if you want certain weapons or learn skills but hey turbo is here

I know tons of people who played on PC already experienced most of this but this such its a breath of fresh air. I just got this for 9.99 on psn along with FF8 which was also 9.99

I dont think game did too good at launch because it would be amazing if we got a sequel or a spinoff using the union battle system, would love to see updated mechanics in a new game.

Im about to fight the seven and already thinking of a generic leader run maybe? we have a hard mode now? I was also reading people do things like all side quests in 15 hours speed runs?
Is it not ironic how time is infinite yet so limited?
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User Info: pearlfx

1 month ago#2
I would like to see a spin off of this game too. I bought this version when it first came out and I’ve done several run throughs. I had only played on the 360 before. I agree with your assessment of the two platforms. We couldn’t turn off abilities on the 360.
I used to think, if I could have one more unique leader (on the 360) I would be happy. Of course, I wanted to have all unique leaders too. I did that on my first play through on this version and I enjoyed it enough but I did find their constant asking for components annoying. Like you said, I had the component in my inventory and they won’t take it. So running around hoping enemies will drop it or digging just became tedious.
One thing I did miss from the 360 was the little tidbits of information you could read on the loading screen. The battles are much quicker as I can remember literally doing housework while doing some of the battles on the 360. The animation times were so very slow.
I am planning a generic leader run on my next play through. I did a soldier play through (limited my self like on the 360) and I really enjoyed it. Some soldiers are every bit as good as some unique leaders.
After the first run, you get the option for hard mode and that’s how I play now. I make sure to have enough components to give Rush and others fully upgraded weapons and SOV (Rush) for my next run.
I have not done a speed run and don’t even know how it’s done.
I bought FF8 on sale last year and enjoyed playing it again too.
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User Info: DrLight66

1 month ago#3
Turbo mode and Rush now being able to sprint are the two best gameplay changes since the game is indeed very grindy with tons of backtracking through same areas if going for the true final boss (have to do all but i think one or two specific sidequests to get true final boss, which is necessary for Platinum trophy).

Obviously too the game looks and runs so much better as well, with the 360 version being a technical disaster. I'm hoping Square-Enix gives the game a 4k max field of view PS5 update sometime along with a physical release.

And New Game+/Hard mode gives the game more replayability with the added difficulty.
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  2. The Last Remnant Remastered
  3. As someone who only played 360 version, this was so good to come back to!
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