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User Info: SchwarzerFrost

6 months ago#1
I never really cared about classes in this game, but if I start my third playthrough I would like to pick some classes.
Can someone tell which classes would fit those characters the most?

  • Nora
  • Violet
  • Glenys
  • Emmy
  • Khrynia
  • Haruko
  • Sheryl
  • Irina
  • Paris
  • Blocter

User Info: sunzi

6 months ago#2
What do you mean "fit"? Most units can make use of all classes they can access. I do have favourites though...

Nora - Bludgeoner, Hunter (can be tricky, can run into Guardian instead)
Violet - Runemaiden, Cavalier, Scholar (can be a bit tricky)
Glenys - Cavalier, Guardian (blocks style change though)
Emmy - Cavalier, Ninja
Khrynia - Thief, Alchemist if I have a lot of money
Haruko - Cavalier, Bishop
Sheryl - Marksman
Irina - Scholar, Alchemist (time and money)
Paris - Paladin, Commander (time)
Blocter - Axemaster, Guardian
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User Info: DanGlynnJohnson

6 months ago#3
SchwarzerFrost posted...
I never really cared about classes in this game...

Neither did I until I was approx a third of the way into my current playthrough, at which point I thought I'd try them out.


Personally I just picked the perks that I liked best for each unit. For what little it's worth, I currently have the following setup from your list:

Nora - Mystic Knight

Violet - Bishop

Glenys - Cavalier (...will be giving her the boot shortly)

Emmy - Cavalier

Khrynia - (recently recruited, just changed to) Alchemist

Haruko - (recently recruited, just changed to) Healer

Sheryl - Not recruited

Irina - Scholar

Paris - Paladin

Blocter - Scout

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User Info: Atmaone

6 months ago#4
SchwarzerFrost posted...
I never really cared about classes in this game, but if I start my third playthrough I would like to pick some classes.
Can someone tell which classes would fit those characters the most?

* Nora, Violet, Glenys, Emmy, Khrynia, Haruko, Sheryl, Irina, Paris, Blocter

I'll answer from the standpoint of getting a character into a class with relative ease, and then how to keep them there or tweak a few things to stack the class's benefits...

Nora - Bludgeoner. Turn off Mystic Arts as soon as you add her, and she'll naturally fall into the class. Buy her a Konbo in Celapaleis after reaching Nagapur so that her arts drift towards Mighty/Peerless, which matches her eventual upgrade to Blackjack. Choose Combat focus and buy her a Power Belt from Ghor after Wyrmskeep.

Violet - Runemaiden. Turn off Mystic Arts as soon as you add her, and she'll naturally fall into the class (is there an echo?). Violet's natural STR growth is good, while her INT is poor, making her better suited for dishing damage than healing. Buy her a Vare from Elysion after entering the Aqueducts. Choose Combat focus and either buy her a Belt of Guessing in Nagapur or craft a Rubber Belt.

Glenys - Cavalier. She'll fall right into the class using her as-is. While her STR growth is much better than her INT (making her better for dealing damage), she's a better healer than Violet since she starts with Revitalize already learned. Combat focus - and a candidate for the Cloistral Belt, if you'd like (there's only one to be found).

Emmy - Also a Cavalier. You could go for Ninja, but it's a long road since she's starting with zero EXP in Katana. If you're choosing the Ninja road, I'd advise turning off her One-Handed and Power Grip arts as soon as you add her. With characters like Glenys and Emmy, it's more efficient (unless you're doing an extended grind) to pick one wield style and focus on that rather than divide your EXP between multiple options.

Khrynia - I prefer her starting class of Thief, since the damage from Evil Bomb isn't that much less than Force Majeure - and it's less expensive. A little healing from Moonlight isn't a bad idea, though. You can also get an easy, nice damage boost by placing her in the Hill and Vale formation - which is easy to get level II or III. By comparison, the only option for her to increase Shards damage is in the Cage formation, which is a little more restrictive to upgrade. The [Item Arts +x] effect of Alchemist (and accessories) does not increase damage dealt - it only boosts healing item arts.

Haruko - Healer. You can get her going towards Cavalier if you really want, but it's going to take some work to get fair damage out of her. A different spin is to turn off the four generic combat arts as she learns them (Double Strike, Thunderclap, Cascade Strike and Dragon Crush) and allow her to reassess to healing. Choosing the Flank, Rear or Play-it-by-ear commands will often cause her to reassess and heal whoever needs it.

Sheryl - Marksman. She starts there, and to prevent an awful change to Mysticknight, it's better to turn off her Combat Arts as she learns them. With enough CA usage, she could change into the class, and it grants no bonuses of any use to her.

Irina - Scholar, Hunter, Wanderer. Her starting class of Scholar is easy to keep - just keep her using Remedies over any other options, even using her in the same capacity as Haruko that I mentioned above. It would take a lot of Lotions work to get to Hunter, which can be a little limiting in your healing options since you would want to limit Remedies usage. She's actually a great candidate for Wanderer, since she begins with decent Traps development. Focus on spamming Land Mine and Retreat Flare, and limit he healing options, and she'll get there soon enough. Another nice thing about Wanderer is that the [Debuff Duration -3] from Legendary stacks with the [Debuff Duration -1] from her starting accessory, the Premier Amulet, which allows her to clear union ailments in a single turn like a Legendary Bard. Also, her poor natural STR growth makes her a poor candidate for the Nightbloom.

Paris - Paladin. He starts here with nice HP, STR and INT growth, decent Combat Arts and Revitalize available...plus his class makes him tanky. I would limit his Psionics to Bluff/Addle and, eventually, Mixed Message. He fits well in a Combat or Mystic union in this capacity. If you prefer Commander, you have to wait until BR 50 to open up Wards, and then it's a lot of Wards development to reach Commander...which isn't the the easiest to train.

Blocter - Axman. At the start of the game, disable Herbs and either One-Handed or Power Grip arts, and then focus on spamming the open style. He's got great HP and STR growth, and the Axman class further boosts his STR. Get him a Sagaris as soon as you arrive in Elysion to push his Combat Arts towards Mighty/Peerless, which matches up with the Executioner upgrades (buy in Athlum after Wyrmskeep). Choose Combat Focus and buy him a Ghorette...from Ghor. Avoid letting him have accessories for his bottom slot (Amulets, Earrings) to make sure that the slot is filled by the Wonder Bangle when you acquire it. The Ghorette is a BR 50 item, so it's likely to be replaced when you reach 60+. You can craft a Black Belt late game, if you like, or Fiend Tippet if you prefer not to spend the components for the Black Belt.

***Accessory Requesting: It's not 100% guaranteed that the intended recipient will ask for the item that you're trying to give to them; however, the most reliable method I have found is to disband your unions except for the character that you're trying to give the item to. Then, purchase/craft the item, and fight two battles with that character. When you return to the world map, there is a very high chance that the character will ask for it - provided that their focus matches and they don't already have something of a higher rank. There are times where a unit on the bench will latch onto the accessory, which prevents anyone else from asking for it. To work around that, you can either find a better item for the "greedy" character on the bench, or dismiss them and rehire them when enough time/battles have passed (if they can be rehired).
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