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User Info: LazarusNecrosis

11 months ago#11
VA_KINGS_804 posted...
After the update most of my S ranks are now A ranks wtf?? But the crazy part is i already got the achievement for gettin all S ranks on hard or better difficulty a couple days ago. Not really mad tho, now i can go for the S's with different characters since the combo counts fixed.Before, I could only only get S rank with Floyd, Adam and SOR3 skate. It feels like a new game, hope we get dlc?? Seems like they listen
I think the score requirements were lower with the old combo system, so once we got the new correct one, it also changed our score required for the different ranks. That would explain why some of your S ranks became A ranks.
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User Info: Daivriel

11 months ago#12
Guess I just suck now because I can’t seem to crack an A rank to save my life... lol
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User Info: runuts27

11 months ago#13
On some levels you basically have to get a 100+ hit combo to get an S rank, other levels you can basically play normally and it will be fine.
I'm interested in this...
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