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  3. 4 player online co-op?!?

User Info: Koolnerd12

1 year ago#1
When is it going to have 4 player online co-op??? Man I really like this game, green up on the originals

User Info: Evil Ryu919

Evil Ryu919
1 year ago#2
It's only 2 player online. This is probably for the best the given how it's not drop in/drop out online play and can be pretty laggy as is.
"There is no answer in the heart of battle. There is only power." - Evil Ryu

User Info: XFactor1

1 year ago#3
There are so many disconnects in this game.

Online net code does not hold up for an entire stage most of the time.
Local co-op is the best option.


User Info: kof2000

1 year ago#4
triple the lag chance. there's a good chance with lag with one other person already.

User Info: TightNinja

11 months ago#5
4 version has 4 player coop via steam remote play, yes I have played it and remote play is actually more stable than the built in online play, which is sad.
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  3. 4 player online co-op?!?
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