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User Info: shin_mcgoo

1 year ago#11
This game's online co-op really depends on the hosts internet speed and connection quality. I've had co-op sessions that are find and then I've had some that are terrible.

MixedGattz posted...
Got this game on switch aswell and online with switch is pretty faultless. Hardly any lag, no disconnects.

Defo an xbox problem.

Not true. It's hit or miss on all platforms. Worst on Switch if both players are using wi-fi.

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User Info: B1GB0SS_86

1 year ago#12
The Xbox one version is bad. I have this version and ended up getting the ps4 version also due to hearing about all the faults the Xbox one version had. It’s missing features, sounds and the combo counter is broken. All the online sessions I have had on ps4 have been fine. 95% of my online sessions on the Xbox one version have timed out.

User Info: kof2000

1 year ago#13
all versions when i see the lobby list i press confirm and it doesnt do anything need to refresh and try again.
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