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User Info: Pleonasius

11 months ago#1
Hi everybody :)

I play dawn of breakers since few weeks and i farm this new event.

I need to know if somebody have drop this Unique Gemstone - Roboco san & Fubuki Shirakami.
On the player site, we can read :

"In addition, players can obtain an item limited to the event,
the Unique Gemstone -Roboco san & Fubuki Shirakami-
by completing a Repeat Mission limited to this event."

But i don't know which mission i need to repeat.

Somebody have the answer ? :p

User Info: Yuma-kun

11 months ago#2
Doing 150 Pulls in the Hololive capsule

User Info: Pleonasius

11 months ago#3
Okay, so it's too "easy" x)

Thx for this answer, i hope i can make 150 pull before the end of this event ^^

User Info: akwan_tarot

11 months ago#4
The only way to get that many pulls is to pay real cash for them. No effort required, just desire to spend money (unless said money takes a lot of effort to earn - in which case, I would recommend: don't).

User Info: Winberuberu

11 months ago#5
They just had maintenance, you'll want to clear Roboco Quests(any) 300 times for 35 free tickets. Aside from that, there's also a 12-day login calendar that will give 1 ticket per day.

Clearing the Hard Mode Roboco-san Events(non co-op) also gives 1 ticket on first clear, but that might be too difficult for anyone without type advantage SRs at 60+, seeing as how I cannot beat Hard Mode Roboco without type advantage. I can get close, like 10,000 HP left, but what makes it difficult is the 90 second time limit to the quest, and how tanky Roboco is.

You can also buy 5 tickets on Roboco-san x Hololive and Roboco-san x Hololive Resistance in the Item Lab via Item Exchange. You'll have to farm a bunch of quests to get them, though.

All in all, i'd say you can get about 90 or 100 Free Rolls total, if you do all the event missions and stuff. Even if that's not enough to get a guaranteed collaboration character, it's still a huge boost to any account.
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