2 years ago #3
    It's pretty meh tbh. The story starts out fairly interesting, if not entirely original, but it falls apart towards the end. There are certain plot threads that I felt went nowhere or were not properly resolved, and the ending felt somewhat abrupt.

    Graphics-wise, the Helios looks amazing, almost as good as Rapture did in Bioshock, but the character models and animations look subpar, so it's kinda a mixed bag for me.

    Gameplay wise, you mostly just walk around, occasionally solving puzzles, and it's very obvious that the game was designed for PCs from the way some of them play out. Regarding enemy encounters, they only happen sporadically throughout the game starting around level three or four, and they mostly boil down to brief chases that result in instant death if you get caught. They're not too difficult to navigate, but there can be some trial and error, and there's one towards the end of the game that I swear boils down to pure luck). There's documents you can collect that expands on the lore of the world, but only a few really stood out to me.

    Overall, I wouldn't call it terrible, but it certainly doesn't bring anything new to the table, and I feel this approach has been done better. Personally, as far as walking simulators are concerned, I'd recommend Outlast over this.