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User Info: DejanSolid

2 months ago#1
Hi, new player here. So I am on my first playtrough on normal and I got stuck on Brabus. He regenerates too much and I seem to do too little dmg. The weapons I use are the hunting rifle +5 and pistol +5.
I also tried the "hide behind the fridge" tactic but I couldn´t even get him to 50% hp because I was out of ammo and his regeneration.

Is there some hidden game mechanic that I´m missing here? Should I skip him since he seems to be optional? Grind, or do other bosses and come back later?

User Info: Melfiice

2 months ago#2
If ammo is the issue pick up some ammo boxes from Reggie. Super quick consumable that replenishes all ammo.
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User Info: Limelol

2 months ago#3
Brabus is one of the worst bosses to roll Regenerator on due to all of the adds, you having to take cover, and the boss as well as adds also taking cover.

I got that roll on him during one of my first runs. I tackled it by ignoring the ranged adds, killing the melee ones, then focusing on the boss as much as possible.
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User Info: DejanSolid

2 months ago#4
Was able to beat him after buying and upgrading a shotgun and hiding behind the immortal fridge. I hope the next time I encounter him, I will be able to kill him normally.

User Info: alkarion_log

2 months ago#5
I used the mod who gave fire on hit and raised the weapon damage, I did roll regenerator on most of the bosses I did on earth, and this mod really did help to keep the damage going even when I was not hitting, with in brabus case is often, I used the hunter set on him too with hunter mark on the hunting rifle with was nice to hunt the adds
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