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  3. Holy lol, this game is absolutely dreadful solo

User Info: DarthInvader

4 weeks ago#41
The game is easy mode in co-op with a competent teammate or 2 using the right tools for the job. If u run with randoms that are clueless, u will prob have a much harder time. That goes for practically any co-op game in existence, really. I find playing solo to be more enjoyable. Theres no wasting time waiting around for ppl, no horrific lag, no one trying to win a race thru the boss fog before u can switch weapons, mods, buff, etc. If this was actually designed to be a co-op game, they failed hard in many areas imo.

User Info: Touch

4 weeks ago#42
Look how TC never came back lol

User Info: alkarion_log

4 weeks ago#43
moondemon88 posted...
alkarion_log posted...
Velvet__Crowe posted...
CHAON1 posted...
Lol, gayme is a cakewalk solo

Right? Like, if you’re struggling with Nightmare the real leet strat is to kick everyone from your session and go it alone. It has waaaayyy less health and a much lower vulnerability threshold.

the game is easy, only hundle is most bosses when you don't know what they do, but after you do, you just need to keep the dps comming

This comment reminds me of every single dark souls post over the years when someone said the game was too hard as a new player.

lol it don't make it any less truthfull, same with sekiro, but I give here some bosses on this game since i'm far more into the story now is easier then any dark souls boss, the first ones are annoying, but starting in the middle of rhom bosses are easy to read waht tehy do and counter
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User Info: godofwar596

4 weeks ago#44
TC replied one time and then NEVER replied again, obvious troll is obvious. Most likely didn't even play. Post literally boiled down to "If people don't agree with me, then they're WRONG!!!"
(edited 4 weeks ago)
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  3. Holy lol, this game is absolutely dreadful solo
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