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TheTruth197 posted...
So I was playing some coop helping someone through earth and we ran into the depot where brabus is. I've never ran into him before but I already had mudtooth's pocket watch so when I went in I was behind the host but the game started acting like it was addressing me. Didnt know what to do so I just told him I had mudtooth's watch and he told me he was gonna give me gear but the game never gave it to me and the pocket watch is now gone from my inventory. Then like a minute afterwards the host must've quit because it said the session was lost. Don't know if I got bamboozled or it's some kind of glitch but either way I'm pretty upset now because I don't have the armor or the watch. Anyway, beware of that if you're in someone else's game.

I got the Bandit set recently and I can say that after the dialogue with Brabus ends, there's a delay before you actually get the armour (at least on-screen, dunno about inventory) so if the host quit before it showed up, that might be why.
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