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bigbadchad 2 years ago#1
This is my review of this game, Let me start by saying this is a very promising truck simulator. Hopefully they update this game periodically so we get fresh content every month. now on with the review, so when you first start the game you start out with one truck and one client to work for. the more missions you complete for the first client will unlock the next client in another part of the world. then pretty much the same thing with more missions until the next client is unlocked and so on, so that is pretty much how the game plays. Some pros and cons are:

Decent size map which will hopefully be expanded upon in the future
Truck handling is smooth (Even with the trailer attached)
6 different clients with lots of missions each

Cars will stop at intersection for no reason
Cars will disappear for no reason
After hitting a car on the road, the car will flash the hazards and not move then eventually disappears

Overall this game is a very solid simulator with tons of potential to be a great game. I think if they put out new content at least once a month would make this game a top simulator and possibly a GOTY title. I also think they need to put in different garages to purchase around the world instead of having just one garage that you have to drive back to when you need to repair your truck or buy a new truck
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RedJacket200 2 years ago#2
Looks ok, but I'm waiting for a map DLC or something to extend the game. Watched a friend play it and cant justify paying full price.
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bigbadchad 2 years ago#3
Honestly it may not be worth the $40 at the moment, More like $25 now, but I just saw a video with an interview with the marketing guy at sadesco and he said there is a bunch of new content coming out including additional areas of the map, so hopefully within a month of the games release date we will have fresh content. It is a decent size map now with randomized missions he mentioned so I guess that means the missions are endless.
pikey87 2 years ago#4
I've got it on PS4, after 11 hours I've finished 2 of the 8(I think?) Clients stories. They do have randomized jobs after, and the variety is good. I don't regret paying full price so far, and I'm someone with hundreds of games that almost never buys new lol. It does have a few problems, but overall it's a fun game.
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In steam, I can't even download it. Has a release date of 2020. So, when I saw it in the marketplace I was like...uh...what o.O
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