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  3. how is the music in this game

User Info: sonicteam2k1

4 weeks ago#1
I liked the main theme, or the trailer theme. is there other tracks that are as good throughout the game?

User Info: FieraDevilWings

4 weeks ago#2
I'd say so, definitely. Due to the involvement of Rio Hamamoto and Junichi Nakatsuru of Bandai Namco Studios, Inc. who were brought on as the composers for this game, if you've heard certain Ace Combat soundtracks before or if you're into Tekken music (especially Tekken 7, where Hamamoto was the music director), it's most similar to those games.

Of course, that all depends on what your musical tastes are, but for the kind of game this is, I'd say it was a great fit personally.
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User Info: Tarotist

4 weeks ago#3
There are some pretty catchy songs in this game. There's one song in particular that I really love listening to. I don't want to post it here though since it's one of those songs that is best heard blind. It makes a certain mission much more epic when it starts playing...
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User Info: MikeClaus2001

4 weeks ago#4
Here, some of my fav ost from game minus one vocal music that play somewhere halfway through the game (believe me, you want to hear it first time during THAT battle) and final boss (obviously spoiler)

Western VII:




Mercenary Life:

That from top of my head. I can post more, but I think rest of my fav ost would count as spoilers. Although if you want to risk, search for ,,Artist'' (name of one of the characters), ,,Ice Cream'', ,,Open Fire'' and ,,Grief'' (again, character name). Just don't read comment section.

User Info: sonicteam2k1

4 weeks ago#5
cool, thanks

User Info: Stefan1277

4 weeks ago#6
It's odd. I like most of it but then it sends you into Artist theme and the End Boss theme (with trumpets...) and it kills it for me. They have this vibe going on and then they stop it flat with a few themes for some reason.
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User Info: Carispia

4 weeks ago#7
Guitars, drums, and a big *** orchestra. Some brass, too. About sums it up. Good stuff for giant robots.

User Info: orbasm

4 weeks ago#8
It is bad ass as f***, love it.
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User Info: mattscottshea

4 weeks ago#9
The full soundtrack is a great mix of composed tracks with varying mixes of orchestra, metal, techno, heavy, somber, etc. Solid listen if you haven't. I personally made a separate playlist of the heavier stuff that makes for an excellent workout track listing, but is just as good just driving down the road.

User Info: the_thirdson

4 weeks ago#10
One of the best final battle music theme i ever heard.."inherits the stars"
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  3. how is the music in this game
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