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User Info: Beezlebubsy

1 month ago#1
Hey so I just started playing this game and I was wondering how much the combat expands? I've only played the first mission so far so I'm positive itll expand a lot but does combat.. speed up, I suppose is the way to say it? I was just kind of slowly drifting through and boosting occasionally in the first mission, does it get really hectic and fast paced? I love this games style and music so far, would love to know if the combat matches those in quality! Thanks!

User Info: VermilionX

1 month ago#2
Depends on missions

But yeah lots more chaotic missions as you go
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User Info: fuzzball01

1 month ago#3
Yeah. The tutorial is basically just tanks sitting still.

User Info: Beezlebubsy

1 month ago#4
Okay, good to know, thanks guys, gonna keep playing

User Info: Brifox7

1 month ago#5
Eventually you'll be moving around with your boost button. You can't tank damage towards the later parts of the game.
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User Info: Fairycancel

1 month ago#6
You can do that from the get go by the way. Rearrange your controls to be able to boost, shoot and change between boost mode and assault mode(femto armaments) without having to stop moving or controling the camera. You can do all of that at the same time without stopping. The more stuff you equip the slower you become.

Battles do get a quite a bit hectic later.
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User Info: Tarotist

1 month ago#7
You better get used to boosting and moving around in circles. When an arsenal is chasing you down with a club, you gotta fly like your life depends on it!

Also, gliding along the ground as you boost on the streets around the buildings is really fun! It feels like an actual mecha battle in the city!
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