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User Info: tsuna4376

4 weeks ago#1
im posting the upgrade paths here so that everyone can see what the end result looks like if you stay on one path and follow it all the way.
please keep in mind that you can mix and match for different looks and the final head path always gets a helmet that mostly covers up any of the other augmentations before it.
ill also be showing the key pints for each augmentation in an upgrade path......so lets get started right after I figure out how to post images

User Info: tsuna4376

4 weeks ago#2
also feel free to post your images here and show everyone

User Info: Pyro_Yuy

4 weeks ago#3
Thank you
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User Info: tsuna4376

4 weeks ago#4
https://twitter.com/tsuna197 I've posted them all on my twitter since idk how to upload otherwise

User Info: tsuna4376

4 weeks ago#5
so now for the guide part

for head:
levels 1,2,3,5 and 6 change your appearance
level 1 changes your eyes
level 2 gives you an effect that covers your face (idk how to describe it a energy shield?)
level 3 gives you an eye cover
level 5 gives you a chin/jaw protector
level 6 gives you a helmet

now the thing is besides the bottom path level 6 femto absorption the other two helmets will show your previous choices from level 3 and 5 so keep that in mind

User Info: tsuna4376

4 weeks ago#6
i made a mistake in my last post and meant to say level 6 blitz power up helmet hides the previous choices

this is level 3 assault shift reduction eye mask level 5 assault shift reduction chin protecter and level 6 femto absorption helmet.... this is the full "top" path

this is level 3 wing shift cooldown eye mask....level 5 wing shift cooldown and level 6 explosion helmet

this is level 6 blitz power helmet

User Info: AudioWarfare

4 weeks ago#7
Thanks a lot for doing this.

Some of these upgrades are seriously awful!

In one pic, your character looks like some sort of metal stickman.

I can only guess the devs wanted your character to look really stupid if you chose to upgrade.
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User Info: tsuna4376

4 weeks ago#8
note that the body change is the last upgrade available so if you want the arm and shoulders don't upgrade to level 9

for upper body:
levels 3,4,7,8, and 9 change your appearance
level 3 changes your left hand/forearm
level 4 give you a shoulder pad on the left
level 7 changes your right hand/forearm
level 8 gives you a shoulder pad on the right
level 8 changes your body

this is level 3 increased melee range, level 4 chain attacks +1, level 7 repair, level 8 reload speed, level 9 reload speed
these are all the upper path choices during the upgrade path

this is level 3 blade, level 4 improved grenade throwing, level 7 chain attack +1, level 8 outer hp +1, level 9 increased melee range

this is level 3 improved melee weapons, level 4 smash, level 7 improved melee weapons, level 8 outer grenade +1, level 9 improved melee weapons

User Info: tsuna4376

4 weeks ago#9
for lower body:
levels 3,6, and 8 change your appearance
level 3 changes you legs
level 6 gives you hip armor on your left
level 8 give you hip armor on your right

this is level 3 knockdown resistance, level 6 increased mobility, level 8 knockdown resistance
this is the bottom path of choices

this is level 3 double jump, level 6 air dodge, level 8 blink
this is the middle path of choices

this is level 3 reduced landing recovery, level 6 knockdown resistance, level 8 reduced landing recovery
this is the top path of choices

User Info: tsuna4376

4 weeks ago#10
you can turn off autosave and check your upgrade path then load back to before it was turned off
just take note that when you reload autosave is back on.....
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