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I'll post mine later, I have to take a pic through my phone since I don't like removing my Microsd card.
My Arsenal's name is Jahangir coz it sounded like a cool name for a big f***ing robot suit.
I wanted to be immature and go with Jahangir V-69, so it could sound like a serial number, but you only get 10 letters, as is standard on Switch.

My Arsenal is tricked out with the biggest guns and two bigass rail lasers on his back. It's so badass, lol.
Then you see that his maingun is just a tiny SMG with 1000 ammo. On his left hand he's melting everyone with acid bombs.
I have two gun arms, but I don't use them, because I like having 3 big ass guns & a SMG. This is what Contra Rogue Corps should've been.

My pilot's name is Super Maria (since she's a girl. If it were a dude, I call him Super Mario.), and she just looks like a Black haired Soul Calibur Ivy or Paladin's Vivian.
I can post her, since I already have a pic of her from the demo.
She's now wearing the body tight suit in the retail game, that you get from the preorder. The one without all of the armor.

Since the game is called Daemon (Occult spelling for Demon.) X Machina, muh Mech uses that helmet head with the Devil horns. The stats aren't that great, but it looks cool.