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So I'm farming the demo, preparing for launch, and wanted to get full slotted sets for both Legion and Osafune armor. Problem is... there seems to be no way to get Osafune Legs.

*Strais in the first free mission only seem to drop Legion gear
*Strais in the second free mission both have Legion legs, but Osafune everything else.
*Factory has the option to craft every Osafune part EXCEPT legs.

So... are they just not in the demo?
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User Info: it_r_over9000

1 week ago#2
I've been wondering the same thing. I've basically given up looking for them.
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User Info: wolfet45

1 week ago#3
not available on demo, probably do not exist, a lot of armor "sets" are not full iirc

User Info: nate516

1 week ago#4
wolfet45 posted...
a lot of armor "sets" are not full iirc

Just out of curiosity, where did you get that information from? I haven't seen any official statements about partial armor sets, and the beta-test "demo" only had full sets, so I'm curious.

User Info: EvoGuyver

6 days ago#5
It's likely there just not in the demo.

User Info: Axariel

6 days ago#6
In the Kotaku impressions vid, you can see the Osa legs. I could imagine that there could be unique armor pieces, but generic armor types will likely always have full sets.

You would be able to tell whether the game has incomplete sets by starting a new demo file and then collecting a full armor set and checking your collection percentage. If any of the armor slots are not equal to each other, there would have to be incomplete sets.

I am under the assumption that there will be blueprint armors that could be unique.
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User Info: xAlphazonex

5 days ago#7
@wolfet45 posted...
not available on demo, probably do not exist, a lot of armor "sets" are not full iirc

Source or delete your comment.

User Info: Sephiroth256

5 days ago#8
They're in the demo I have full Osafune mech.
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User Info: Bobsplosion

5 days ago#9
I've done the two free missions and the two multiplayer missions quite a few times now, but no Osa legs. It's possible they're available as a drop from any of the story missions, but if you didn't pick them up at the time you likely can't get them until release.

It's also possible they're available from one of the current missions, but in that case they're incredibly rare.
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User Info: nogaems

5 days ago#10
Sephiroth256 posted...
They're in the demo I have full Osafune mech.
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