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  3. Can we expect a good level of variety in missions?

User Info: luigi33

2 months ago#1
I'd love to enter a giant base and fight my way to the center, maybe defend some VIPs, defend against a squad of enemies, HUGE boss battles as the mission itself, 1 v 1 battle other pilots to increase rank
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User Info: Drakeon8165

2 months ago#2
seeing how this is based off of Armored Core, i don't see why there wouldn't be quite a bit of variety
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User Info: Tarotist

2 months ago#3
I hope there is. It's going to need it for the game to last a while.

So what types of missions will we probably have...

- Standard destroy all enemies.
- Destroy target enemy.
- Defend a building.
- Boss Fights.
- Escort missions
- Destroy certain buildings. Maybe like Blast Corps.
- Fetch certain items.
- Survive for a certain amount of time.
- Steal a weapon to defeat a boss.
- Outer missions like steal an arsenal (which I am very curious of).
- Race/Escape missions where you have to reach a destination in a certain amount of time.
- Underground missions (an underground arsenal factory would be a cool setting to fight in).

And let's not forget the multiplayer. I really hope they give us some interesting modes...

- Deathmatch
- Team Deathmatch
- Co-OP missions like horde mode and boss battles.
- Survival.
- Maybe a mini-battle Royale where players start as Outers and need to find an Arsenal and find weapons for it.
- Boss Defense where both teams have a colossal mech, and you have to destroy the enemy colossal while protecting your own.
- Control Points where one team needs to secure an area before moving on to the next, while the opposing team prevents them from doing so.

I just hope that they do a good job and make the game as fun as possible.
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  3. Can we expect a good level of variety in missions?
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