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User Info: VermilionX

2 months ago#11
moonlight sword
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User Info: mattscottshea

2 months ago#12
VermilionX posted...
moonlight sword

I'd be surprised if they didn't come out with an energy rifle and blade that pay homage to the karasawa and moonlight from the AC series.

User Info: xx_SaintBoot_xx

2 months ago#13
I lack originality, so I want to make this big mofo:

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User Info: Drakeon8165

2 months ago#14
hell yeah
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User Info: toswubber

2 months ago#15
How many weapons and how zany they are will probably make or break me on this game. I liked the demo but thought just pew-pew-pew lost its fun after a while. That's why I don't like many FPS games.

Perfect Dark still had some of the best weapons/items because they were so different. I think taking a page or two from it would be cool. Here's some ideas:

* A weapon that you throw and then it auto-fires on enemies
* A sniper type weapon (bonus points if it can shoot through walls!)
* A "venus fly trap" weapon. It can be thrown on buildings or the ground and reaches up / out to grab onto an enemy, making them immobile
* A weapon that shoots like the "spread" shot in Contra
* Ice style weapon, maybe slows enemies down when hit?
* A beam style weapon that can bounce off surfaces several times before dissipating

I doubt any of these will get in (it's not really a 'mecha' style) but it's the type of zany weapons I like.
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