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User Info: gene0129

3 days ago#1
The enki (monkeys?) piss me off to no end.
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User Info: jorgeopr

3 days ago#2
gene0129 posted...
The enki (monkeys?) piss me off to no end.
The wiki usted to be a pain in the ass in the beggining, but there move set is simple and their back swipe is timed, most of the time I play keep away and wait to burst count. In this game the god damn tengu is the focus for my hate, the buff they gave him for damage is stupid and even though he also has a simple move set I really hate fighting him since any attack of his takes half my health easy.

User Info: VirusChris

3 days ago#3

I HATE these Tanky agile buggers.
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User Info: Isaac_Redfield

3 days ago#4
Tengu are still overall the worst most of the time. They are especially bad in cramped quarters. Enki were only a pain in the beginning, but they are extremely easy now (at least with an axe anyway).

For me, I'd probably rank them like this right now:
1. Tengu - Even with Sloth they are too fast and hit too hard.
2. Red Eyed Kappa
3. Whatever the banshee things are called the constantly scream away your Ki. They are obnoxious to hit, super fast and hit very hard.
(edited 3 days ago)

User Info: Nihenna

3 days ago#5
Not the hardest, but I hate how agile they are which makes them hard to hit, and how much health they have. Which enemy am I talking about? The farting rat monks. f*** them, seriously.
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