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User Info: BassMithra

3 days ago#1
I saw a visitor I summoned, use this move over and over again, dealing absolutely massive damage. How did he spec like that? Any pointers?

Can this move be easily spammed and abused? Because this rando certainly made that seem like a possibility.
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User Info: ghost5141

3 days ago#2
i wanna ask this too. how does one keep spamming it?

I know that can hit insanely hard with magic = 99, but continuous spamming is so questionable.
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User Info: Shybaason

3 days ago#3
possibly stacking efficient Yokai skill up to 100%? as long as it kills it refunds?

User Info: turtles1236

3 days ago#4
There's items you can use to refill your anima there's skills that will refund a portion of your anima when a Yokai ability hits and there's a guardian spirit that refills your anima when Ninjutsu hits

There's tons of ways to make it spammable on top of soul cores completely refilling your anima bar too

I wouldn't be surprised if this skill got nerfed since it can literally one shot bosses on ng+

I'm pretty sure magic has nothing to do with Yokai ability damage since i have 10 magic doing that much damage
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User Info: na2co3

3 days ago#5
Save editor? Especially if it was a constant spam.

User Info: jorgeopr

3 days ago#6
Best skill, farmed for about an hour till I got one with attunement -1. Great skill

User Info: lPixels

3 days ago#7
There are several anima gaining special effects that can stack with one another, such as anima charge bonus (amrita gauge), anima bonus (ranged weapon hit), anima charge bonus (cumulative damage) just to name a few. These on top of the anima skills in the shifting tree can make Yokai abilities pretty spammable. I run a rifle build with just a couple sources of anima bonus, and am able to cast Otakemaru after like 3 shots, or 1-2 shots in the dark realm.

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If I see a soul core drop, I'll throw out Otakemaru on the biggest enemy still alive. If a soul core drops from that enemy, just repeat. Aside from that any of the ranged builds can be built around anima, and since Otakemaru's passive gains anima through damage dealt to confused enemies, after 2 casts on a boss the rest pay for themselves (when anything survives that long).
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User Info: Lupinos

2 days ago#9
Not to mention the amount of anima recovered from grapples and final blow and all the ways you can boost the amount of anima you get from any one action - ranged hit, ninjutsu Hit, consecutive hits, damage taken, grapple, final blow, amrita absorption, elemental damage, yokai skill, amrita gauge, force boost, etc.

And what about ki pulse yokai skill?

If built for anima gains and retention - skills are pretty spammable.

I mean - I really just listed more examples of what IPixels was talking about; but get enough of the right kinds of those and you can design some combos that refill anima crazy fast so you can spam.

I haven't really tried to do that yet - but I have noticed how extremely well some of the boosts I have work and how it could be crazy if I did try.

My anima already fills super fast in coop - if I was built for it, that would be maximum cheese. There would be no difficulty left to the game. That makes me think I won't ever try it - I have no interest in making the game that easy.
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User Info: VegaGG

2 days ago#10
Anima Charge+
Latern Fruit
Lilie Flowers
Anima BNS (Consecutive attacks)
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