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User Info: Yasukima

3 days ago#41
Yeah, well, I enjoyed Code Vein but it's a hard game to confidently recommend as it is far from perfect.

Perhaps not worth the full price if you're unsure.

User Info: GoodArisen

3 days ago#42
Complete crap id pay max $10 for code vein, would be worth it if it was a ps plus free game
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User Info: Ifrit19

3 days ago#43
Yesmankablaam posted...
got deluxe edition and had a great time with it overall. it's different enough to not be cookie cutter souls style and i like the companion system and customization and story. waiting for the last dlc to comeout though before i tackle all of those.
Code Vein's final dlc (well as far as we know...could add another pass of dlc i guess) just came out yesterday or the day before. They shadow dropped the trailer and announced it'd release on the same day. So you can get back to it now if you wanted to lol.

As for the game myself (as a non Nioh fan btw, haven't played either Nioh 1 or 2 yet, got Nioh 1 though when it was the free psn+ game a couple months ago but have had other games taking priority so haven't gotten to it yet) i liked the game a lot, probably my second favorite game in 2019 after Trails of Cold Steel 3...with that said i haven't finished Code Vein either (got to the cannoneer and blade bearer dual boss) cause Trails of Cold Steel 3 came out before i could finish Code Vein...and while i like Code Vein, Trails of Cold Steel was my most anticipated game of the year and i was not waiting until i finished CV to start it. I'm also not a big fan with Souls style games in general (granted only really played the beginning of Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1, and Bloodborne) mainly because the Souls games i did play didn't really have what i like from games: character/cutscene driven main story while Code Vein does (basically it's told a lot like God Eater where the story's character driven while the combat is mission based Monster Hunter...granted this is a case where i prefer MH over GE cause the gameplay in MH is just too good...one of the only games i don't play for story). So when it comes to Souls style games Code Vein is closer to my thing than a good chunk of Souls style games...Nioh i may like as well though cause, at least from what i've seen of the first game, it seems like it's story is character driven as well so once i get through my current batch of games i'll likely be starting Nioh 1...might not be until fall though with how many games i've got lined up.

As for combat i liked it for the most part (definitely got my ass handed to me quite a bit...and had to run back for my Haze (souls like resource of the game)), customization was great in both creating builds and in creating characters (how has no one brought up the character builder yet?), music is great, dungeons...could've used a bit more work but were still decent imo (i play a crap load of jrpgs, usually B tier ones...these dungeons would honestly be higher up there compared to a majority of games i've played), as for online...no comment cause i've only played solo so far, and as for graphics: PS3 era graphics that mainly look like God Eater 3 (not really surprisingly as the team that made God Eater 3 made Code Vein...probably why the guy who mentioned it in an earlier post compared it's look, writing, and voice work to GE...hell in some comments i read people have said this world is connected to GE's world).

Finally i've seen someone trash the game for the demo, let me state the final game improved some of the aspects he was complaining about for the demo. The Online's not as great as it could be but from what i heard from people who played online in both the game and demo (i already stated i've only played solo so far...was gonna try out online once i beat the story but CS3 took me a few months to beat) is still a bit better than what we had in the demo. As for some laggy movement and back stab issues in the demo they were mostly fixed in the final product. Only thing people really complain that much about is the weapons still feel a bit weightless/no real impact when hitting enemies (probably cause many of the animations are probably closer to what God Eater does which mostly feels superhuman).

Overall it's a solid game but it'll likely never win any awards. As for dlc haven't played yet but mostly hear it's too short for the most part...if you get it it's likely only useful for the new weapons and codes (basically classes) you can get that will open up new build options. The one thing i was hoping would be in it: new story content, seems to be very lacking in the dlc which kinda sucks. But ya i'd say buy it when it's on sale/on discount...like most Namco games they go on sale for below $20 fairly quickly and golden week should coming up soon which is usually when Japanese games go on sale, some for very low prices.
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User Info: demonfang178

2 days ago#44
YasashiKokoro posted...
Code Vein is very bad. I actually pre-oredered it and spent about 10 hours playing it... one of the worst purchases I've ever made.

Story feels like it's written by a narcissist who can't understand that reusing the same "experience their memory to feel for them" trick is not only repetitive but cheap and annoying. Basically, you get this cutscene after each boss in which you need to literally walk through their memories and experience them, at first I thought it was clever, then it happened again, and again, and again... Imagine playing an action game and literally doing nothing but walk and listen to poorly written and voiced dialogue that doesn't even tell a decent story - it's the usual "mom died, parkour". Well, "mom died" can be relatable but not in this game. Characters are one-dimensional. Writing is on the level of God Eater series.

Level design is awful, they reuse the same small patch of textures to make the levels seem huge when all looks like Persona 4 dungeons. Especially that white castle. I saw the devs brag about it like they made something so incredible...

Gameplay-wise it's really bad, too.It's basically something like DMC and God Eater minus the fun. You have skills, you can change the class (which gets super-confusing) so there's literally no character progression and you have your usual light and strong attack. Okayish at first but you'll get bored of it quickly and then you realize - that's all they've got.
Bosses are cheap and not memorable.

Code Vein is just a poor imitation of Dark Souls aimed at the otaku crowd who will be so distracted by the character designs that they won't see just how bad this game is. Same as God Eater which was a poor imitation of Monster Hunter.

Have you played all Souls? Demon's Souls, DS 1, 3, Bloodborne + DLC, Sekiro? If you want more, just replay them, honestly. If you don't want replaying, I can suggest Darksiders III, it's nowhere near as deep but at least it's not as bad as Code Vein.
This. But I want to add that there is some nuanced jank to CV as well. Both you and enemies have hit issues, which is especially annoying on NG+1 where some attacks can one-shot you.

The flow is all over the place with blocking stunning you almost as like as actually getting hit and enemies having attacks slower than you think or faster than they have any business being (most super fast dash attacks, some of which can one-shot you or close to it).

Your focus state, the game's super mode kinda, cannot be activated by you the player and is useless on bosses. It lets you use a very specific slow but powerful attack that every boss is immune to and makes enemies easier to stun, which you won't even notice on bosses anyway, and makes you harder to stun, which you also won't notice...and that's it. Once the focus gauge hits max, it is triggered instantly and it increases only when you are hit, block, or dodge attacks at a very specific time (can't be too early and can't be too late). So you have a mostly offensive state that you yourself can't choose to use...that is only activated by being defensive? W.T.F?

Lastly, the game's camera, well, really its lock-on. It aims downward for some asinine reason so you can't see too far ahead. For mob fights where enemies are in the back with projectiles, this is a big deal. For one battle in particular (you know the one), YOU HAVE TO ACTIVELY NOT USE A BASIC MECHANIC. People swear this is the hardest boss in the game and it's not; it's poorly designed. I am think it puts Okatsu + Hanzo to shame.

Someone said CV was probably supposed to be an RPG at some point and that sounds about right.

User Info: 69skitzo69

2 days ago#45
It was a decent experience but its a pretty simplistic game. Much less polished than nioh.

User Info: Melfiice

2 days ago#46
there are only a few bosses that posed any threat. The first poison butterfly, the dude with the wild arms looking sword, and flame/ice duo.

User Info: ChaozCloud

2 days ago#47
I liked it, overall preatty easy game. But if you want a good Souls-like then check it out.
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User Info: Evanz111

2 days ago#48
I loved Code Vein. In fact it felt very similar to Nioh in how it was more of an RPG with less complex world design, most of it just being corridors and some ladder shortcuts.

The focus is definitely on the combat and levelling your character, and there’s so much build variety in both games. It felt like a more fun easygoing version of dark souls.

My rankings are probably Nioh 2 > Code Vein > The Surge 2 > Nioh > The Surge.

As for my experience with the souls series, it’s Dark Souls 3 > Dark Souls 2 > Bloodborne > Sekiro > Demon’s Souls > Dark Souls
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User Info: glad99

2 days ago#50
As someone who was lukewarm on Dark Souls but loves Nioh, I couldn't stand Code Vein. Honestly, I'm not a fan at all of anime and hate that whole style, but I was kind of hoping the gameplay and monster design / levels would make up for it. The combat felt so floaty and weird, extremely unsatisfying with little feedback and the level design was unbelievably bland and they used the same trick every 10 feet - cheesy enemy ambush. It got to the point where if I didn't get an ambush I'd be more surprised.

I did like The Surge 2 a lot, they really carved out a nice combat style niche for themselves.

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