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User Info: Game_Fu

2 days ago#31
Dude, I thoroughly enjoyed Code Vein. Is it as good and refined as Nioh? No, but it DEFINITELY scratches that itch.

User Info: Choppa675

2 days ago#32
I completed the game, but I lost interest in it months ago. I don't exactly like how you can't add points to your stats unless you use passives. I was also not a fan of how almost every enemy had a million poise. I don't know if they have fixed it or not, but I don't think they have.

I'm happy I moved on, but I don't think I'll ever touch that game ever again.
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User Info: ssringo

2 days ago#33
I enjoyed it enough for a single playthrough near launch and haven't touched it since. I would've dropped it before completion if I had Nioh 2 available.

User Info: YasashiKokoro

2 days ago#34
FeaRxImMortaL posted...
Anyone played it? Looking for something new to dive into next week till some DLC ornupdates drop for this. Any opinions on it?
Code Vein is very bad. I actually pre-oredered it and spent about 10 hours playing it... one of the worst purchases I've ever made.

Story feels like it's written by a narcissist who can't understand that reusing the same "experience their memory to feel for them" trick is not only repetitive but cheap and annoying. Basically, you get this cutscene after each boss in which you need to literally walk through their memories and experience them, at first I thought it was clever, then it happened again, and again, and again... Imagine playing an action game and literally doing nothing but walk and listen to poorly written and voiced dialogue that doesn't even tell a decent story - it's the usual "mom died, parkour". Well, "mom died" can be relatable but not in this game. Characters are one-dimensional. Writing is on the level of God Eater series.

Level design is awful, they reuse the same small patch of textures to make the levels seem huge when all looks like Persona 4 dungeons. Especially that white castle. I saw the devs brag about it like they made something so incredible...

Gameplay-wise it's really bad, too.It's basically something like DMC and God Eater minus the fun. You have skills, you can change the class (which gets super-confusing) so there's literally no character progression and you have your usual light and strong attack. Okayish at first but you'll get bored of it quickly and then you realize - that's all they've got.
Bosses are cheap and not memorable.

Code Vein is just a poor imitation of Dark Souls aimed at the otaku crowd who will be so distracted by the character designs that they won't see just how bad this game is. Same as God Eater which was a poor imitation of Monster Hunter.

Have you played all Souls? Demon's Souls, DS 1, 3, Bloodborne + DLC, Sekiro? If you want more, just replay them, honestly. If you don't want replaying, I can suggest Darksiders III, it's nowhere near as deep but at least it's not as bad as Code Vein.

User Info: FeaRxImMortaL

2 days ago#35
**Posted response in wrong topic lol***

Seems like mixed reviews. I just got off getting platinums in KH 3 Critical+reMIND, DmC5, Bayonetta and this lastly I think it'll be hard to go down to an easier game and hold my interest. I'll wait till it's on sale and like someone said try out the demo. I've beat all souls and bloodborne. I do have Sekiro though and haven't touched it yet, so maybe I can give that a shot. Awesome feedback guys and gals
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User Info: thedarklordx3

2 days ago#36
Code vein is fun, it's the best souls game I've ever played at the beginning. That said it stops being good a while before you finish it so you may only get 20 hours out of it rather than finishing the whole game.

The story is great, the gameplay is great, the lore and world is great, etc. Until it goes to s*** eventually.

The DLC is all bad btw. $10 each for 1 extra hour of content each according to reviews.
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User Info: Juxtapose

2 days ago#37
Code Vein ng+ onward is even more 1-shotty than Nioh.

Fun until then though.
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User Info: Velvet__Crowe

2 days ago#38
I really, really liked Code Vein at first. I’m not 100% sure why but I put it down 8-10 hours in. I think it’s just too anime. The storytelling, I mean. The battle system is fine, I guess. But I feel like being an anime Dark Souls is likely what killed my interest.
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User Info: CaptainObvius

2 days ago#39
I really enjoyed it. It was fun experimenting with all of the build options. I just wish there were a few more viable armor types for end game. Not for everyone, but still entertaining.
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User Info: Yesmankablaam

2 days ago#40
got deluxe edition and had a great time with it overall. it's different enough to not be cookie cutter souls style and i like the companion system and customization and story. waiting for the last dlc to comeout though before i tackle all of those.
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