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User Info: Death_Master911

1 week ago#21
It's not bad, honestly.
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User Info: KDTProjekt

1 week ago#22
It was alright. Solid 6/10. A real 6/10, not an IGN/metacritic 6/10 = total garbage. It felt like it was supposed to be a JRPG at some point, especially with the whole cast of characters present in most cut-scenes and then during combat it's just your lonesome and the AI companion, and they scrapped that at some point in development to try and shoehorn a Souls game into it.
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User Info: LouieKablouie

1 week ago#23
I was pretty disappointed by it to be honest. Mobs weren't to challenging, bosses are modestly difficult, level design is straight up ass and gimmicky, cool art direction, meh story.

It's biggest draw for me was how far you can customize your skills to fit your playstyle. If I had researched a bit more I'd probably have a build I'd be proud of instead of leaning on Yakumo.
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User Info: Young_Caesar

1 week ago#24
Janky but there's some charm to it. The waifus are better if you're into that and it's pretty straightforward. I'd buy a 2nd.

User Info: vonVolik

1 week ago#25
Download the demo, and give it a test drive.

I tried the demo twice, and while I wanted to at least like it, the game play never clicked with me, and I usually like souls style games.
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User Info: VegaGG

1 week ago#26
It's the worst Soulslike asking for 3A money.

User Info: TrueGB

1 week ago#27
Code Vein has this one cool feature where you can mix and match the different classes and abilities which no other Souls-like has done. It also plays nicely if you don't use the co-op companion. It's way too easy with the companion.

So it has its charm, even adds a few ideas to the sub-genre, but it's fairly mediocre in many other respects. For the most part, it's a competent addition to the sub-genre. But you only have to be "competent" in this sub-genre to still have a better game than most. I say it's well worth $20 or so.

VegaGG posted... It's the worst Soulslike asking for 3A money.

Lords of the Fallen takes that crown, or it did when it first came out. Code Vein actually plays well and I didn't encounter any glitch. I actually had to give up fighting the first boss in Fallen because it kept freezing on every attempt.
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User Info: OmniD3us

1 week ago#28
Dark souls for Weebs.

User Info: lbrown103

1 week ago#29
I think the way you can customize your build is amazing. You can make some amazingly sturdy mage builds that melt everything it touches once you know all the skills. The negative side to the game is the quality of it, the game could of been amazing, but it fell short especially with the cope out DLC

User Info: callipygias

1 week ago#30
Played it about 300 hours, so yeah, I liked it.
Nothing like the endless replayability of Nioh, but still really good.
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