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User Info: FeaRxImMortaL

1 week ago#1
Anyone played it? Looking for something new to dive into next week till some DLC ornupdates drop for this. Any opinions on it?
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User Info: redroses_4life

1 week ago#2
It's fun, worth it cheap, but it's very simple.

The companion system is a nice change too, but again it's simple and they can't be customized.
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User Info: cammeyz

1 week ago#3
I thought Code vein was pretty bad, i did only play solo for about 10 hours...but lost complete interest after that. Had a lot of decent ideas but they didn't mesh well imo and the style was just wrong for me.

User Info: karatechopDK

1 week ago#4
I enjoyed it for the most part. I played and completed a full playthrough. The whole game just screams “cheap anime souls knockoff”. Even so, I did enjoy my playthrough but I’ll never touch it again

User Info: mashu

1 week ago#5
It's not as complex or nuanced as Nioh, but if you are done here and waiting for the DLC you could give CV a go. It's not as polished, there's some camera things, some clipping, rough around the edges, but if you enjoy B movies and/or anime you'll be fine. I did a playthrough but never completed platinum and not sure I see myself doing that. It doesn't compare to Nioh, that's for sure. I enjoyed it though. May go back to it depending on the spacing of this game's DLC and other releases.
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User Info: NotBot

1 week ago#6
I bought it at 50$ and felt like I wasted my money. If you are really bored and have a lot of free time and really like soulslikes it’s probably be worth it at 20-30$.

you aren’t missing anything though.
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User Info: fbplayer1064

1 week ago#7
It feels like a dark souls ripoff, but made in the PS2 era.

User Info: Symphonic_Death

1 week ago#8
The base game is great imo, the leveling system is hit or miss for people since it's different from other souls-likes. Basically, your levels only increase all character stats arbitrarily, you don't choose certain categories to pump when you level up.

Your true stats depend on what blood code you currently have equipped, each one has its own letter grade ranking for Strength, Dex, Willpower, etc. This makes it extremely easy to change builds, you can have a Caster code equipped one minute, and a Berserker the next.

After using a certain skill enough times, or using certain farmable items, you can learn nearly all skills from any code permanently and use them on any code after that. There are some really cool hybrid builds you can make in that game, I'd recommend it. Just stay away from the DLC atm, it's very lackluster.
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User Info: Masadune

1 week ago#9
Good evening,

Honestly I loved it, good simple fun!^^

I know it sounds strange but another reason I love it is because it's not dark souls, which is NOT a bad thing, but just another action rpg doing it's own thing, it knows what it is and follows through.

The only bad thing I can think of for it is the dlc...

....yeah :T

Only thing I can recommend for you tc if you are tiptoeing on the fence, wait for a sale or "complete" edition.

If you play it, take it for what it is and have fun.

Hope that helps, have a good'n

User Info: sombaki

1 week ago#10
I enjoyed it for what it is. Comparatively speaking, it is not very difficult. NG+ and some of the DLC challenges get very difficult though if you want a challenge.
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