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  3. Best fashion gear? Post your entires

User Info: nowhere2hide

2 weeks ago#1
I am looking to fashion up. Post your best fashion and any details so ppl can recreate them.
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User Info: ZipZappy

1 week ago#2
Flying Kato Set, lowest weight gear with the highest def for it's weight, refashioned into

White Fox Mask
Governor's Gauntlets
Tiger of Higo's Waistguard
Golden Gourd Greaves
and Gallant Cuirass

Mwah, Beautiful

User Info: neccis

1 week ago#3
Master Swordsman pants and shoes
Archers shirt
Master Swordsman gloves
Merchant headband

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User Info: Creatures08

1 week ago#4
White Fox Mask
Imakomei's Cuirass
Scout Gauntlets
Imakomei's Waistguard
Ronin's Greaves

Tried to recreate Drift/Catalyst from Fortnite, don't much care for br but thought they looked awesome

User Info: Busard

1 week ago#5
Golden Gourd Plated Headband
Warrior of the West Cuirass
Onmyo Hunting Bracers
Samurai General's Waistguard
Wandering Shrine Maiden's Shoes


User Info: OmniD3us

1 week ago#6

User Info: TCrinaleT

1 week ago#7

User Info: TCrinaleT

1 week ago#8

User Info: mashu

1 week ago#9
I'm all about the simplicity and elegance of the Yoriki set. Maybe it's my OC's white hair, but the muted tones and darkness of the gear compliments so well. It's also streamlined so it looks good on a female character - not a lot of flair or excess bulk. I don't know, something about it.

Too simple for a recreate a look in a fashion thread as this is the easiest to recreate lol, but it's what I use.

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User Info: TorvaMessorem

1 week ago#10

I have the exact same fashion! You have great taste sir!
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