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> Yokai shift an abilities aren't good enough

Obviously overpowered tech aside, Shift isn't fantastic I agree. But the abilities are really fantastic, especially HammerBro. If you have the meter you can do some really sick stuff.

>No point in even fighting in it.

The game offers the Shinto/Maiden set that gives infinite Sacred Water 35% as its first bonus, so there's that. Use that Sacred Water. Or any of the known Omnyo spells. Be prepared. You can get Omnyo points and Ninjutsu points so much easier in this game, it's ridiculous. They really want you to deck yourself out.

You can also prevent them for happening. The second boss will only activate the dark realm if you don't cut his snakes iirc.

Generally speaking, adapt to the new mechanics. OLTO has a pretty good showcase of the bosses:
http://www.stingermagazine.com - articles on the action genre's best.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC09UqeY80WzoWMnxRkL4Tkw - challenge runs.