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User Info: VioletGekko

1 week ago#1
Allow perfect Ki pulse to ramp up Ki generation for a short time at explosive rate

Add Yokai pulse for Yokai mode, with perfect Yokai pulse the damage taken for a while is reduced.

I thought of making Yokai pulse adding shifting time but that go around back to LW again (and perpetual LW was a s*** show in Nioh).

What you guys think?

User Info: Tmk

1 week ago#2
I think that in the dark realm, perfect ki pulses should create pockets of normal world, the duration of which depend on how much ki was pulsed back in the perfect ki pulse.

I had assumed this would be a mechanic back in Nioh 1 when I saw that yokai realms were called that, I assumed later in the game we'd go to an actual realm of the yokai where it's like that everywhere, and ki pulses would be used to do what the yokai do in our world: create pockets of their world. Seems perfect for the dark realm.

As for ki pulses in yokai shift, iunno. Maybe give their ki pulses different effects based on the form, with a stronger version of it if it's a perfect ki pulse.

Like Brute could produce an AoE stagger and ki damager that has absolute stagger, so it can't just be hyper armored through.

Feral could gain brief i-frames from a ki pulse (longer if perfect).

Phantom could gain brief deflect/parry frames that also damage ki (briefer than i-frames for feral).
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User Info: Lemonsulk

1 week ago#3
This might sound convoluted but I was thinking about the lore of us being half yokai and thought I could add this in a way that'd make sense. Sucking up pools inside of a yokai realm could create a temporary ki regen spot like Tmk said, but fill our omnyo gauge in a chunk, also the enemy gets a ki/omnyo penalty in that zone just for coherence. Otherwise, just generally being in the yokai realm while holding R2 puts us in an even slightly more demonic state which slowly drains the omnyo bar (dunno why it doesn't already), but your ki regens faster, as your human/ki side is being less exposed.

I think this is doing nothing but giving us advantages, but making it more complicated in that we have to manage our rotations between having to use omnyo to become yokai to either use our abilities, or parry (whatever the f*** it's called again) special attacks, using that stamina regen to counter attack, then ki pulse whatever pools have been made to get back the omnyo energy, then organize the flow of balance between the two, which again fits the ying yang theme of the game. Dunno if it'd actually fit the enemy designs as they are atm though.
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User Info: MinusN

1 week ago#4
It could be nice if they had a corruption meter like you absorb Dark Yokai realm for regular ki regen but do it too much and it kills you.
You'd have to stop at a shrine to purify yourself to reset it

User Info: neoz3

1 week ago#5
There is a talent to put a skill point in that lets you decrease the effects of the Dark realm, on the right side of the Yokai tree. You can put multiple points into it and it goes up like 20% or so each point.
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