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  3. The Dark Yokai realm is bad game design

User Info: kio87gre

2 weeks ago#1
One of the best parts of Nioh is the combat. All the different moves and stances and the fluid combat made Nioh so much fun to play despite the lackluster level design and enemy variety.

Now in Nioh 2 you have the Dark Yokai Realm. Ki recovery is extremely low in it. It makes it very hard to do combat allowing you to only hit once or twice before you are forced to fall back. This takes away the most fun part of Nioh. Not allowing you to play and force you to do hit and run tactics.

It is also a cheap artificial way to increase difficulty. Its just frustrating that even bosses creates these multiple times during a fight. I feel it is bad game design, goes against the fundementals of the combat and limits the player in options and takes away the fun in the game.

I hope it gets changed.
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User Info: Lupinos

2 weeks ago#2
Use barrier talisman and purify some aretama if it is that much of an issue. Personally, I like it a lot. Adds a challenge that was missing.
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User Info: Rusalka

2 weeks ago#3
it owns

reminder to never take seriously anyone who uses the term 'artificial difficulty' about *any* game

User Info: TyrantValzy

2 weeks ago#4
I don't mind it for normal enemies but it definitely sucks in boss fights. So far we only know very few bosses but imagine a boss like Maria that can shift into the Yokai Realm.

Holy hell only thinking about this makes me angry.^^

User Info: VegaGG

2 weeks ago#5
Heh, boss fights will be manageable.

Imagine arena stage missions with Dark Realm.

User Info: Vithar

2 weeks ago#6
it's tough, they want you to use Yokai skills/shift during those dark realms
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User Info: GenjiRed

2 weeks ago#7
Here are some options to combat it:

1) Level up Onmyo and level of ki recovery for Yokai and Dark Realms

2) If fighting enemies, you can lure them out of the Dark Realm and hit for a bit before they are warped back to their location as their health will remain the same.
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User Info: onedarksoul

2 weeks ago#8
It is quite cheap, theres no denying that, yet surmountable with great defensive tactics in boss fights. It forces you to be less aggressive unless you are supplementing heavily with items or magic. I'm thinking perhaps in the final game there may be some stages which are entirely Yokai realm which could possibly mean oni form of the character only. That'd be interesting.

User Info: RaxuRangerking

2 weeks ago#9
Agreed; it kills the frame-rate, the only difficulty it adds is making your Ki regen suck, it feels really out of place, and I really shouldn’t have to stack certain stats just for these segments.

It would be great if these areas were optional challenge segments in a level, instead of right in your way.
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User Info: dyssonance

2 weeks ago#10
Agreed. Beat the demo, definitely not buying the game as is. Any mechanic that forces you to use items or certain moves, or artificially pads out the length of boss fights is just bad game design.

Nioh continues to be that wannabe Dark Souls chaser that never gets it right. =\
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