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  3. So how so you play this game with a "Stand your ground" mentality?

User Info: Foxhound3857

4 weeks ago#1
I don't like running around like a headless chicken around the entire map or constantly having to keep moving. My style of play is defensive, find a good chokepoint or terrain where I can make a stand, and let the demons come to me. I prefer stationary to mobile combat.

How do I make that style of play work in this game, particularly for Ultra Violence/Extra Lives Mode?
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User Info: crazyswords

4 weeks ago#2
Not the game for you.
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User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
4 weeks ago#3
no i play the game with a "kill them before they kill you" and a "kill them all" mentality

and you have to keep moving or you are dead especially in higher difficulties

User Info: Delta123456789

4 weeks ago#4
Yeah, enemies in this game move too quickly and are too aggressive for you to stay in one place and not be immediately overwhelmed and obliterated (heck that can happen pretty easily even if you are charging around the place like an angry freight train, especially on higher difficulties).

The game's incredibly fun if you meet it on its own terms and play like the hyper-mobile, hyper-aggressive demon slayer Doomguy is supposed to be though so I do recommend giving it a try even if this style of play isn't your normal wheelhouse.
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  3. So how so you play this game with a "Stand your ground" mentality?
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