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User Info: highflyin10

3 months ago#1

looking to download this game shortly. Heard the games online is a bit dead though.

anyone willing to help boost/play for the online trophies?

Xbox Gamer Tag-Rugal

User Info: TerraSeeker

3 months ago#2
Sure! PSN is my user name. I need the trophies too.
Your words are as empty as your soul

User Info: robboisthe1

3 months ago#3
Are you guys still looking to boost? I’m going for the trophies too. My psn profile is the same as my game faqs👍🏻
(edited 3 months ago)

User Info: RobXtreme

2 months ago#4
Hey guys, if it's not too late, could I get some help with the online trophies too?
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  3. Multiplayer Trophy boosting
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