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User Info: FlaBigD

3 months ago#1
Questions guys. I just bought a brand new copy of the game and installed it on my PS5 never played it on PS4 before. Can I still upgrade the game because I’m not seeing anyplace to do so even after watching some videos. Thanks

User Info: zebatov

2 months ago#2
Upgrading Doom Eternal on PS5 requires several steps:
  • Open the PlayStation Store on your console.
  • Search for “Doom Eternal Campaign - PS5 Upgrade.” (It should pop up as the first entry after you punch in “Doom Ete.”) Download that.
  • Go to your game library.
  • Find Doom Eternal, then click on the three-dot menu. Select “PS5 | Doom Eternal.” If you try to do this before downloading the “Doom Eternal Campaign - PS5 Upgrade” file, you won’t see the option.
kotaku.com/doom-eternal-s-next-gen-upgrade-screws-ps5-players-1847197575 (Can’t link because even with hyphens it’s saying it’s all one word, so I had to delete the “http://“).

Sony isn’t handling its new console very well.
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