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User Info: reapertorch

6 months ago#1
I really liked the base game and then got into Ancient Gods part 1 when it first came out and literally had to give up because it was super hard even on the easiest difficulty. Now I’m back into the dlc and I’m finding it to be easier this time (I’m playing on the easiest difficulty). I’ve heard they’ve nerfed it so I’m not sure how true that is. I’ve died a few times in just the first level due to not strategizing well but other than that, nothing too hard. Are there any tips going forward on how to handle the rest of the dlc?

User Info: DesertPenguin09

6 months ago#2
Ancient Gods Part 2 tones it down quite a bit so if you can handle all of Part 1 you'll be fine for the rest.
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User Info: Delta123456789

6 months ago#3
Haven't played it yet but these tips for Eternal in general should also hold for the DLC:
  1. Learn to quick-switch between weapons. Rapidly swapping between Super Shogun and Ballista will cut the recovery time and let you reach crazy DPS. It's easier on PC where you can bind specific guns to buttons but you can do it on consoles by tapping the "switch to last weapon" button IIRC.
  2. Use your grenades. Normal grenades will stagger just about everything, making it much safer to approach and melt them at close range. It's especially good against Cyber Mancubi as they'll counter with a shockwave if you approach without staggering them first.
  3. Work out the best way to deal with problem targets. Lock-on missiles volleys will insta-kill the snake enemies (Whiplashes) and Blood Punches will take out a Pinky or remove a Cyber Mancubus's armour. Freeze archviles then unload siege-mode chaingun into the head.
  4. Learn to deal with Marauders as the DLC will sic a fair few on you. You can try spamming explosives for indirect damage but I find it's better to wait for a green flash then counter and melt them with SSG > Ballista spam. I'm not the best player but I can reliably burn them down in 3-4 stuns with this method. Also don't shoot when the shield is up as you'll summon the dog.
Hope that helps!
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