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User Info: LotoPhoenixLord

6 months ago#1
Who would win - Results (13 votes)
61.54% (8 votes)
John Wick
15.38% (2 votes)
Their the same person
23.08% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
So just beat the game and it just came to me.
Doom Guy - went off killing cause his Bunny was killed and his home was destroyed

John Wick - went off killing cause his dog was killed and his car was stolen and his Home was destroyed....

who would win in a fight Doom guy or John Wick

or are they the same person. starting off as John Wick gets his payback. Then gets a bunny but then it gets killed and John becomes Doom Guy and just goes into a bloody rage and says f*** it kill everything.
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User Info: Badman76

6 months ago#2
Well, at least John will get to see his dog again!

As long as their mortal souls don't get turned into Demons, which would be used as cannon fodder against the Slayer
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