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User Info: AfroPrime

1 week ago#61
fallenone954 posted...
I liked that it had almost no cutscenes, all of the plot was optional. I'm just here to rip and tear.
It still is optional, though. You can skip every cutscene and continue ripping. You can't skip listening to Hayden tell you about Argent energy in 2016, etc.
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User Info: Rustykranz

1 week ago#62
feared4power posted...
multiplayer i liked 2016 multiplayer enjoyed the hell out of it

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I like the less platforming part from 2016 more but Eternal had more badass moments in the story.

User Info: rabbid_chaos

1 week ago#64
Chalipan posted...
I don't give a s*** that the designs are supposed to be more in line with the classics, they look too cartoony and non menacing. I never played Doom because it looked silly, Doom 2016 was the first one I bought. Eternal is a total blast but I wish the enemies were more along 2016's release. The rainbow of colors emerging from enemies after a chainsaw is also distracting and stupid looking
You can mute the ammo colors.
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User Info: bcornelia

1 week ago#65
2016 has some things about its core systems (weapons, upgrades, etc) that are supposed to be in-your-face overpowered. like the super shotgun's double-tap and the gauss cannon in its entirety. oh yeah, and that infinite-ammo armor-related rune.

but then again this one has cheats that fulfill many of these power fantasies with minimal restrictions. I feel like a lot of people are just misguidedly too proud to indulge.
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User Info: Milennin

1 week ago#66
  • Less platforming.
  • Got the creepy vibe better in environments. Eternal's environments are overall better, thanks to more variety, Doom 2016 felt more tense in places, and I liked that. (probably also got to do with the fact you have less mobility)
  • Preferred the overall story in 2016, although the few lengthy unskippable sections can go die in a fire.
  • Regular punch had power. Blood Punch doesn't really do it for me.
  • Gauss Cannon > Ballista. Charging the Ballista seems to take forever, and standing still in Eternal is more of a death sentence than it was in 2016. Normal Ballista shots feel less satisfying too.
  • Super Shotgun felt better too, even if it lacks the hook mod.
  • Boss fights were more fun, in my opinion.
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User Info: Raeng

1 week ago#67
megasoniczxx posted...
Haven't played the game yet but from footage i've watched, I don't really like how they just sort of tell you how enemies are dealt with before you've even started fighting them. It's like if at the start of Vanquish they just told you that the shotgun and EMP gun stun enemies like the romanovs instead of actually letting you discover that fact for yourself. It takes the discovery out of the combat and removes an element of learning from the game I think.
Agreed. Though I will add to this, knowing the weakness is half the battle, how to use it smartly is where the fun is at. A lot of hidden weaknesses, enemy-weapon resistances etc are a lot more hidden and fun to toy around with. Using the tether of the plasma to check enemy HP and use as a stun, or to use it to kill enemies low on health for an explosion like a Tyrant, using remote-detonate against the Marauder etc. there's a lot more to discover.
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