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User Info: Ishmari

3 months ago#81
Teh_Merchant posted...
Ishmari posted...
France here, same problem here, DLC is nowhere to be found. The game has been out for 40h here, what are they doing ? This is not that big of a deal, but I wished I had the Gald boost since farming gald to craft all the weapons along the way is pretty dull.

Honestly it might be more worth your while to just make a Japanese/North American account and download them from the JP/NA Stores. It's what I just did and it works fine.

Indeed, this did work just fine, thank you !

User Info: The_Tbone04

3 months ago#82
Having the same issue anyone in Australia here managed to figure it out isn’t on eshop.

User Info: batlightning

3 months ago#83
I just followed the suggestions above and made a US account and linked a profile to it.
Then just went in the eShop and purchased the dlc.
I have a feeling there was an oversight and they just forgot to add it.
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