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  3. Jump Force was a no-show at The Game Awards. Bandai Namco is a joke!

User Info: qwertyMrJINX

5 months ago#51
I think the only Japanese game at that show was Ultimate Alliance 3, and honestly, I think Team Ninja may be embarrassed to be involved in that project, seeing how rarely it's mentioned that they're making it.

It's really not that big a deal. The Game Awards just seems to be a Western dev circle jerk.
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User Info: kazuhara002

5 months ago#52
rowanowa-zoro posted...
kazuhara002 posted...
@rowanowa-zoro at this point I'm gonna let you have this debate cause I feel like we talking in circles lol. Hopefully we cross paths in jump force

I dont know how you can say Jojo is more popular than Naruto and One Piece. Tbh, im finna put a poll out because im interested to see what the results would be.

Sadly, i dont think we’ll cross paths since im prob getting the game on Xbox one. But if I DO get it on ps4 as a miracle, sure. I look forward to a battle

Honestly I'll probably get it on both consoles so we might cross paths I'll be playing shiryu and Ryo.

Also I wasn't series about JoJo being popular obviously one piece and Naruto have more worldwide appeal lol.

User Info: RenzoShima

5 months ago#53
I think it’s because it’s usually a reveal a month and jump festa sorta took that spot from tga. So ya who else exited for the weekends?
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User Info: Wazzupguys

5 months ago#54
Well, Jump Festa is a few days away.

User Info: TheoryCancer101

5 months ago#55
The start of my vacation. Oh what a happy day.
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  3. Jump Force was a no-show at The Game Awards. Bandai Namco is a joke!
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