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  3. Which gaming platform are u getting this game on?

User Info: Majarubi

5 months ago#11
anubisbahamut posted...
Nintendo isn’t an option soooo...... yeh.

^Lol oops, read the PC option as Nintendo for some reason earlier.
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User Info: Mega-Tyranitar

5 months ago#12
Both ps4 for the Collector Edition and PC version to play.
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User Info: FGT_ICHIGO94

5 months ago#13
saiyaman1hunnid posted...
MajinDBuu posted...
The overwhelming majority of the gaming audience has always been on PC, sorry but this is the truth. Steam is the largest gaming network in the world and even those who use consoles also have Steam as well, PC is used by the entire population and trying to defend consoles while using a PC makes it even more ridiculous. It would be a waste getting it on a console considering that once a new console comes out all games you bought on previous one will become useless while on Steam you keep your progress, achievements, community etc forever.


OT: PS4. You're already on my friend's list for some reason, must've been from the jstar days lol

Oh really? I almost forgot u were on my friends list lol.

What's your PSN by the way? So I can know it's you.
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User Info: Ninja95

5 months ago#14
PS4 as always
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(Tell me if you are from here please)

User Info: sapuramura

5 months ago#15
Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2 showed that playing on PC is a way to go. MODS.
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