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  3. Matt Walker confirms that as of now, there are currently no plans for dlc...

User Info: cleer44

4 weeks ago#1
or any other kind of adjustments to be made to the game.

Welp... there's always special edition. Hopefully it doesn't take 10 years.
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User Info: shababboss

4 weeks ago#2
I think this kinda confirms we won't see anything.. at least for a while. I just don't understand this game did well in sales, got great recognition, why are they just abandoning it.

User Info: ufara

4 weeks ago#3
Capcom probably wants to put their money into a new project.

About the only thing I can think of.
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User Info: Yuuchi

4 weeks ago#4

What a shame. Playable Vergil is all I want :/
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User Info: rugahboi

4 weeks ago#5
Stupid if they really make us wait a year just to add Vergil (at the least). Hopefully they're just waiting til E3 to announce something.

The only other thing I can think of, is that they may want to milk this game (and REmake 2, as I think I recall there being rumors of some kind of Ada campaign?) next year for a PS5/XBOXwhatever release (since PS5 is likely coming out next year now that details about it are being shared).
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: shababboss

4 weeks ago#6
Also shutting down all DLC plans upright is going to hurt their future sales a bit. Lot of people nowadays won't try out a game if they know there isn't any future plans for the game.

User Info: Vulcan422

4 weeks ago#7
DLC would have been nice, but I'm glad the game is at least a complete and enjoyoable product. This is something that Capcom has needed for a long time, and now they've finally made it and people are happy.

Now they should focus more on a new project. Preferably something fighting game related so they can move past the stigma of SFxT, SF5, nd MVCI. That particular division NEEDS to clean up their act badly.
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User Info: TheBoy

4 weeks ago#8 Hard.

User Info: Denizen_Of_Dark

4 weeks ago#9
Man i rly want em to add co-op to bloody palace
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User Info: Rozalia

4 weeks ago#10
Shouldn't... people actually appreciate this? I know it might seem a bit disappointing as you want more DMC but that is what the next DMC game is for, not DLC which if part of the process of development might make them chop up the game and such as we know has occurred elsewhere.
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  3. Matt Walker confirms that as of now, there are currently no plans for dlc...