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User Info: Vamp_Wraith

2 days ago#1
Which game do you prefer, overall?

I was happy to see most of the GFaqs fan base agrees that DMC1 wipes the floor with DmC, but it got me wondering how well the other DMC juggernauts might fare against eachother.
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It's a kinda unfair comparison here imo.

Dmc3 focused on a good narrative, dmc1 focused on a good narrative for it's gameplay n style.

Dmc3 had some gameplay improvement that can only happen thru more experience n better tech. DMC nailed so much on it's first try wit no real template.

Not sayin not to compare em, jus sayin ur polls gonna be skewed prolly. It's fair to like dmc3 more, especially dmc3se. Personally i prefer 1, it's a lot cooler to me. But generally i also think 1 is better for bein more impressive n important for a genre it basically created.
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User Info: Delta123456789

2 days ago#3
While DMC1 began it all and has its own unique horror-esque atmosphere, it was 3 that truly codified the series's gameplay, on top of having brilliant cutscene work, bosses/boss banter and characters. 5 may have topped it in terms of basic gameplay, but it's still the strongest overall package in the series IMO.
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DMC1 still has the best actual combat, engagment with dangerous foes, and since that's the most important thing to me I think it's the best one.
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User Info: snake_5036

2 days ago#5
The DMC1 enemies and bosses are almost all fun to fight while DMC3 has, what, 8 scythe demons? Dullahans? Bosses like Leviathan's Heart with literally only two attacks?

DMC1 plows 3.
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User Info: OracleGunner

2 days ago#6
I gotta give it to 3:SE. So much good content. Plus Vergil mode gives it a slight edge. Mind you 1 is close behind it.
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User Info: Octavarium

2 days ago#7
I'm the guy who doesn't understand all the DMC3 praise and has explicitly said I prefer 1 before so it's a no brainer, instead I'll just rank from best to worst even though I don't outright dislike any of the games (DMC2 is a guilty pleasure - a bad game that I actually enjoyed playing)

5 > 4SE > 1 > 3SE > 2
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User Info: bvillebro

2 days ago#9
I think while the same genre, the games are so unique in what they offer that its hard to say one is 'better' or worse

I prefer 3 for the things 3 offers
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User Info: stage4saiyan

2 days ago#10
3 is good, not great. 1 is a masterpiece.
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