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  3. Just got the devil may cry collection, just one question.

User Info: GameSmith99

1 month ago#1
Is devil may cry 2 a definite skip? Or is there something in there worth playing?

User Info: Girgante

1 month ago#2
I guess you could try out Lucia, but overall the game is really, really boring..
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User Info: sora364

1 month ago#3
I would never recommend outright skipping it based on word of the mouth. Though coming from the original Devil May Cry, it will be a jarring transition. At the very least, it should be experienced so that you can form your own opinions regarding it. Though if you drop it, it's fine. You are not essentially missing anything. For what it is (a rushed product with a dev time of approximately 4 months) - it could be far worse. But make no mistake:


It's still bad.

User Info: Just_Wanna_Play

1 month ago#4
It's boring, but I still play it when I go through the series. You should try it and see for yourself, you know, different people different opinions?

User Info: Merc123

1 month ago#5
Its pretty bad but i would still play through it at least 1 time just to experience it and see DMC at its worst. Its easy and you can blaze through both stories pretty quick. If you do play and hate it, its no big deal to drop it. Also DMC2 pro tip, just shoot everything.

User Info: Howler

1 month ago#6
According to a certain troll on this board, every DMC game but 1 is a skip.
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User Info: OracleGunner

1 month ago#7
You should skip it. But at the same time it is something everyone should try. If only to truly appreciate the fact that it by the time Itsuno was dragged into the project they only had Stinger done.
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User Info: Bloodshed113094

1 month ago#8
Yes. Skip it. Nothing is relevant to later games, Dante hang even the same character and the gameplay is horrendous. Just watch the credits. Even the Developers couldn't make the game look good.
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User Info: TohruAdachi260

1 month ago#9
I'd say it's not really worth playing. There's not really any entertainment to be derived from it, as the ways in which it fails make it a slog to play instead of being something that can at least be enjoyed as something that's so bad it's good. The plot is also not really anything important to the rest of the series, so you're not missing anything there, either.

The only semi-redeeming points about it are that it gave us the precursors to Trickster and Gunslinger's styles, and the customizable devil trigger is a neat idea I would be pretty okay with bringing back in a better game. The latter isn't nearly enough to save the game and you might as well play DMC3-5 if you want the former.
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User Info: DiegoMustDie

1 month ago#10
GameSmith99 posted...
Is devil may cry 2 a definite skip? Or is there something in there worth playing?

The custom Devil Trigger mechanic is worth messing with. Other than that it isn't really worth it.

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