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  3. I wish DMC went back to the style of the first game.

User Info: TheDawnRider

3 weeks ago#1
Were it had somewhat of a ''horror" atmosphere if you know what I mean. The castle that you could explore had great atmosphere. It seems with each sequel, they kinda moved away from that and went more for that "dudebro action'' thing. Which is fine but I do miss the style of the first game. Actually, DMC3 also had it a bit. They also made the backtracking and exploration less of a thing. Granted, it wasn't a huge deal in the original but it was present enough. What do you think? I know that DMC was originally going to be a Resident Evil game so that's why the original was probably a bit more horror styled. But I liked it.

User Info: RoyalsDK

3 weeks ago#2
Yup. I loved the more horror and darker areas of the game in the second half. Thunder storm in the background. They hid the backtracking well.

I loved the look of the mirror world and tilted camera when you stood before the fossil dinosaur.

I wished DMC3’s second half was darker and Dante needed that Luminite in DMC1.
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User Info: New_Birdman

3 weeks ago#3
I loved the more horror and darker areas of the game in the second half. Thunder storm in the background.
That area is creepy as f**k. Loved it.

User Info: Denizen_Of_Dark

3 weeks ago#4
Co-signed. It could happen, never kno
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User Info: evilashxero

3 weeks ago#6
I have a friend that would agree with you on that one.

Me..I'm fine with the direction it's in. I wouldn't mind a bit more exploring though. That seems to have fallen out of the stylish action genre, after Ninja Gaiden Black.

I know Sekiro isn't exactly "stylish action", but hopefully it may fill the void of action heavy games, with no exploration.
March might be...in the words of a great Playstation fan, "BALLIN'!".

He always knew what was up with DMC. lol...
I'm still waiting for the TRUE follow up to DMC 3....Devil May Run Up On a.... and that's as far as I can take it.

User Info: AlexxShadenk777

3 weeks ago#7
DMC1 has a level of quality and polish that will never return. I'd love that style to make a come back at some point but the way DMC3/4/5 have done it is vastly more replayable and enjoyable. DMC1 is still one of my most favorite games of all time but I've played DMC3 and 4 for a lot longer.
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User Info: Lukas455555

3 weeks ago#8
Well dmc1 was the result of a resident evil prototype, that you can see as you play. Unfortunately or not, the one that people loved the most was 3 so I'm kind of predicting every devil may cry will be like that unless it pulls a RE7 and changes drastically.
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User Info: jstoru216

3 weeks ago#9
It had that vibe because it was supposed to be RE4 at first. They kept it while re imagining the game to be the first DMC. I can't honestly say I care, but it would be nice to see some different designs I guess.

User Info: Delta123456789

3 weeks ago#10
I'm playing DMC1 at the moment and it definitely has its own charm, though obviously I wouldn't want modern DMC to go anywhere as the gameplay is more immediately enjoyable.

I'd certainly be up for some new IP or DMC spin-off taking a similar route as DMC1, maybe with a human/less powerful demon hunter to restore the sense of danger and that the demons are as dangerous to you as you are to them.

The mention of this being a prototype RE4 is interesting to me because the actual RE4 is another game that I think had an interesting mix of action and vulnerability, what with the risk of being boxed in by crowds or running out of ammo meaning you could feel powerful but never quite as safe as you'd like, and some sections had a horror vibe too (like the dark night section with red-eyed villagers and paracites bursting out of their skulls).
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  3. I wish DMC went back to the style of the first game.
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