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  3. Will this game ignore the events of DmC?

User Info: Cotton_Eye_Joe

3 months ago#1
Is that game worth playing?
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User Info: OracleGunner

3 months ago#2
This game ignores everything from DmC. And if you have a PS3 there was a demo that you could try.
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User Info: kollie89

3 months ago#3
Yes and not really

User Info: LordRattergun

3 months ago#4
Sadly, yes. The game is still worth playing though.

Capcom aren't creative enough to explore the DMC world with the aftermath of humanity knowing about demons.
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User Info: Strelok

3 months ago#5
Skaven Gunrat... the world in the DMC verse knows about demons. Literally, religions exist about them.

If you ever touched the games, you'd know about it.
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User Info: DemonDethchase

3 months ago#6
If you played and liked Heavenly Sword, but wish it had a sequel (with a jump button), give it a look. Storywise, it's a rebirth of a reboot set within a parallel universe. They used alot of different phrases at the time with the run up to the release
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User Info: RoyalsDK

3 months ago#7
Yes, DMC5 will ignore the events of DmC because it has nothing to f***ing do with the original. That’s like asking if Resident Evil 7 will ignore the events of Afterlife or Extinction haha.

Is DmC worth playing? I would say yes if you could find it for cheap. Great gameplay but stupid storyline.
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User Info: BeizlFreiz

3 months ago#8
DmC isn't canon to the franchise. it's a completely different universe. so dmcv will ignore it just like it ignored the rest of dmc.

if you really want to play DmC, get the definitive edition on ps4 or something. the original was kind of a mess but definitive is playable.

is it worth playing? sure, there's some neat stuff in there i guess. it's definitely not as strong as 1, 3, or 4, but the definitive edition is nowhere near as bad as 2 either
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User Info: lacritax

3 months ago#9
Everyone should ignore the events of DmC...
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User Info: Dathrowed1

3 months ago#10
lacritax posted...
Everyone should ignore the events of DmC...

Too bad Capcom and Itsuno won't
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  3. Will this game ignore the events of DmC?
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