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  3. What's everybody playing while you wait for DMCV?

User Info: idonliketurtles

4 months ago#1
The wait for this & RE2 are agonizing. What's everybody playing to pass the time? I've been pretty consumed by Rainbow 6 Siege but getting burned out, Black Ops 4 might be the first COD I pick up since MW2.

User Info: Billysan

4 months ago#2
I just did everything in Spider-Man, I might play some DMC4SE while waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2.
RadiantSilvergun3 4 months ago#3
Hollow Knight. Just arrived at the White Palace...this should be fun.

Also need to fight Nightmare King Grimm. Don't think I am going to bother with Godmaster tho.

Then gonna do a couple more runs through Curse of the Moon, then have been itching to replay RE2. Gee wonder why. Will probably follow with RE3 afterwards. Will have to purchase that one tho, only have RE2.
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User Info: antking61

4 months ago#4
Currently playing AC Odyssey. Gonna beat DMC1-4 again, KH1, and 2, and then I'll play KH3 or RE2 until DMC5 is finally mine.
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User Info: Raeng

4 months ago#5
Ninja Gaiden 2 mostly with some Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise in between. Just started my Falcon Talons Only run in NG2, really want to learn that weapon more.
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User Info: UbberDevil

4 months ago#6
Playing through and recording the DMC series as well as Dante’s campaign in Viewtiful Joe.
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User Info: DevilNinjaNetta

4 months ago#7
DMC4:SE, Hollow Knight, a little bit of Dead Cells, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +, and I finished up Spiderman the other day.

I've been wanting to play Bloodborne and Batman: Arkham Asylum, but I think my PS4 Pro is going to brick at some point as I experience serious graphical/sound issues in those two games.
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User Info: New_Birdman

4 months ago#8
Knack 2 - Getting high scores, finding skips for speedrunning and recording any tech.

Chaos Legion - Working on some challenge runs.

Come October 19th I'll be playing SC6.

User Info: rugahboi

4 months ago#9
Depending on the day/how I feel. I'm bouncing from...

Van Helsing (the Hugh Jackman game... Capcom should really borrow some of those elements for Lady's gunplay)
Legacy of Kain: Defiance (probably gonna focus on this one until Red Dead drops)
Darksiders 2

Also finished MM11, and have FOTNS on deck. But tbh, I'm not digging it atm.

User Info: Werchiel

4 months ago#10
AC Odyssey and Bard's Tale 4. I should be done with them on time for RDR2.
Let me just say (I know I know - let me do this) thank f***in' god they decided to go back to the original series.

Come to think of it - if we're talking Dante Theme - I started another playthrough of Nocturne a while back, didn't get Dante yet in this run but hey that's an idea.
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  3. What's everybody playing while you wait for DMCV?
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