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  3. Why is there so much dislike for Zestiria?

User Info: Lipdomination

3 weeks ago#1
Was the game actually bad? Haven't played it yet.
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User Info: jonnovision1

3 weeks ago#2
A lot of dumb design decisions, such as the game having an RPS mechanic that doesnt even really work since the enemies just tank through it anyways.

The skill system is probably the most convoluted to date for the series and its borderline impossible to keep a desired skillset and stay competitively viable.

Armatus were a little too good and the game gave very little reason for playing anyone besides Sorey or Rose

Story was pretty basic and it probably had the least fleshed out villain the series has had to date

Infamous Alisha controversy
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User Info: bigtim777

3 weeks ago#3
The only thing I really disliked about the game was it's combat system which resembles Graces a lot (which system I also couldn't seem to enjoy).

Characters where good but yea I always enjoy the characters in Tales of games.

Story was a mixed bag. Didn't really stick with me much since the story pacing wasn't really good at times. At least there where several memorable moments.

Music was good but I never really have problems with Tales of music.

The weapon customisation was weird never really got the hang of how it completely worked.

Character I liked the most left the party quite early.

Small annoyance was the fact you could only see the main character and another one on the world map. But I guess this was logic because of story reasons.

Oh....and those bloody hell ruins. Hallwayss of boringness.
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User Info: cowdisciple

3 weeks ago#4
Boring characters and unfun combat. Those are the things that really kills it.

User Info: Raltrios

3 weeks ago#5
I haven't played it myself, but I seem to remember the most common complaints being the battle camera and Alisha getting shafted.
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User Info: dyon

3 weeks ago#6
It isn't the worst game or worst RPG ever but it's the worst mothership title I've played to date

Dungeons consisting of 90% copy pasted ruins, caves and forests with large fields of nothing in between

Seamless battle screen has the tendency to **** up the camera which you have no control over, most noticeable when fighting in the game's cramped indoor dungeons

Unneeded party limitations, 2 characters are locked in no matter what because of gimmicky and absurdly overpowered fusion mechanic that makes battles feel very mindless and spammy

Most suicidal party AI to date leading to frustrating deaths in higher difficulties due to stupidly inflated enemy stats and the AI's inability to dodge consistently

Awful skill system that adds way too much trial and error than it's worth

Really boring story and flat cast with underdeveloped villians

Post-game DLC chapter ends on a cliffhanger

User Info: Milla_Maxwell

3 weeks ago#7
Well aside from being a story and writing mess and a half, the characters being mostly super one-note.

It feels mechanically like a mix of a bunch of ideas they threw together and didn't give ample time to polish them and make them not half assed.

For example:
Weapon Fusion - the whole system is built around fusing weapons to make stronger weapons, but you also have SKILLS on the weapons, but you need to make lines, stacks and so forth on the Skill chart to get better skills. But without grinding excessively for good RNG here you're not going to get much, and even IF you make a good weapon, fusing it with another weapon will actually mess up the skills you have in the slots for your current one, which will often mess up what Stacks, rows or columns you had built.

This was a bit long winded, but the skill system is a mess and (short of Arte usage from leveling,) that's pretty much all the character growth in the game.

The Fields - They seemingly wanted to make a game that felt big and grand in its environments... Not open world, but clearly following the bigger=better mentality. The issue is that they're very large and your movement is slow, and there's not really much interesting in them. The worst part is your go-to faster movement option is a meter that you recharge by fighting a battle to max it out again, (yes that's as counterproductive as it sounds.) And to fit in with open world nonsense they have these "optional" fetchquest items you can collect throughout the game... Until late Act 2 says you really need all of them to progress and you need to go grab them all, ruining the pace if you didn't have most/all of them.

Dungeons themselves sucked too, most of them were copy and paste ruins.

Seamless Battles - They tried to make seamless battles, in that the battle occurs in the exact area you touch the enemy on the field. The issue? You can't control the camera. So it ranges from "decent" to "barely functional" depending on the area, and since it spawns you and your party a short ways behind from where you were facing it means that in tight quarters areas you could start a fight and have the camera in your ass because your back is against the wall. This is also why the game was 30fps.

Rock Paper Scissors - A Zestiria only thing is that they have three types of Artes.
Martial Artes can interuppt spells, Hidden Artes beat out Martial Artes, Spells can't be interrupted by Hidden Artes.

The issue is that, spells can interrupt spells too and I guess to "balance" it out, Martial Artes have piss poor damage output so most of the time you're better off just using Hidden Artes or Magic and nobody has both Hidden and Magic Artes... Except:

Armatization - So the big gimmick of the day is that your two Human characters can fuse with the four seraphs (one of each element.) The issue is, aside from relegating Seraphim to little more than tools for the humans from a gameplay perspective, Armatus is also extremely powerful, costs almost nothing to use and has almost no notable downsides (especially for Fire and Water Armatus,) you trade elemental variety in attacks for:
-All your Arte Trees are Hidden Artes and all your shortcuts are spells, and (especially for Fire and Water again,) these are some of the best spells in the whole game.
-Combines both character's stats
-Removes one AI from the field (yes this is a good thing because the party AI is atrocious and will just die on higher difficulties if left alone.)
-They have the most powerful healing moves available too (Water especially,) it actually feels real how gimped the Seraphim's spell lists feel to give Armatus all the best stuff.

And with few exceptions there's rarely much of a reason to NOT do this with how limited your party is normally. The main downside of these is that their Melee can't interrupt Spells, but when you get large powerful spells you can just nuke groups, or you get this Front dash that does damage, it can interrupt spells even when Armatized.

That's just a bit off the top of my head.
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User Info: Hommedaction

3 weeks ago#8
Because most people here are uncultured swines.
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User Info: cowdisciple

3 weeks ago#9
Milla_Maxwell posted...
A really detailed breakdown of Zesty's problems

All of this. But most of it would've been survivable if the cast and plot weren't so boring.

Honestly, Berseria has some similar issues, but the cast is strong enough to carry it anyway.

User Info: Little_Munchkin

3 weeks ago#10
While I don't dislike Zestiria, there's no getting around the fact that it's got a lot of glaring issues. The one thing I truly hate, though, is the fact that I cannot remove Rose or Sorey from the party.
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