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  3. Rank the battle systems of the Tales games you've played

User Info: TalesOfXAndY

1 month ago#1
I'll start:
Xillia 2 > Vesperia > Berseria > Graces F > DOTNW > Abyss = Symphonia
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User Info: Milla_Maxwell

1 month ago#2
Vesperia>NDX>Hearts R>Destiny DC>Xillia 2>Symphonia>Abyss>Xillia 1>Phantasia X>Eternia>Dawn>Phantasia (not X)

I left out the likes of Rebirth and Innocence R, which I've played, but not much of.
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User Info: jonnovision1

1 month ago#3
Hearts R > Xillia 2 > Graces f > Destiny PS2 > Xillia > Vesperia > Berseria > Zestiria > Abyss > Symphonia > Legendia
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User Info: Professorbag

1 month ago#4
I've only played a few.


I would rank Berseria but I havnt played enough of it to really know.
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User Info: Snadados

1 month ago#5
Graces F >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Berseria > Eternia > Vesperia > Abyss > Xillia > Symphonia>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Zestiria >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Legendia
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User Info: nevon3

1 month ago#6
Aside from Destiny, I tried all mainline game. Many of them were meh, so it's hard to order them.

Xillia 2 > Hearts R > Graces f
This is my TOP3. Xillia 2 was my favourite, controlling Muz├ęt, just staying in the air and casting. It was a blast. Hearts R had Kohaku, with also amazing aerial combat. While Graces f was simply fluid, fun to play and all of the characters were a blast to play.

Vesperia was fun to play as Patty, and I'd also like to learn to play Judith, when I'll play the remaster. Abyss was my first game, so it has a special place in my heart. Xillia wasn't as good as Xillia 2, but I had so much fun with Leia.

I hated Zestiria's system, would never play it again. Berseria was fun with Eleanor, but I don't really like the system. Eternia, Phantasia is too old, but was okay. Symphonia was average. I liked to use Sheena, but she didn't have much variety.

User Info: ShikanRaider

1 month ago#7
Let's see...

Vesperia > Innocence (DS) > Abyss > Radiant Mythology 1-3 > Symphonia > Graces F > Xillia 2 > Xillia > Dawn of the new World > Zestiria > Berseria > Narikiri Dungeon X > Eternia (PSP) > Phantasia (GBA)
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User Info: jordina

1 month ago#8
Xillia 2
Graces F

those two are the best of both styles.

Then from what little ive played of hearts R. i was very impressed.

Then Vesperia> abyss> symphonia which just seems like natural evolution.

Berseria would be next. solid but with some great ideas.

Xillia is good but something feels off. Lack of polish?

Eternia is simply good but i struggled with it at the time. Need a replay.

Zestiria because of many problems. balance, restrictions, etc

Legendia last because its not very fun.

User Info: Baby_ragna

1 month ago#9
Graces > Destiny DC > Berseria > Xillia 1/2 > Vesperia > just insert the rest of the title in reverse released order. Because the new one tend to have better battle system.

The last three are Legendia (this one is an exception) > Destiny > Phantasia
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User Info: epyon12x

1 month ago#10
Xillia 2 is the best TP system, Graces F is the best CP system (no mana). Despite their shortcomings, everyone pretty much agrees these games had great battle systems.

If there was a Tales game with Abyss story, Vesperia characters, and Graces combat, the fanbase would j*** in their pants pretty sure
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