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User Info: King_Z

3 months ago#31
Empress_Bowser posted...
Rougefan posted...

Are these dlc

Uh... I fricken hope so, that Rita costume though...

I can confirm I’ve received these.

User Info: nofxnofx

3 months ago#32
I would also like to know if the boosts reset with each new game file, and each new NG+. I have no interest in using them in my first run of the remaster, but if they are available to reuse on every future run that will be great for quickly getting to certain points in the game or testing things.
My log has something to tell you.

User Info: Lionking-Cyan

3 months ago#33
How does Rita learn Tidal Wave? Just reach about lvl 50 and it's automatically learned? This way the dlc would also enable that spell.
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