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User Info: MajorPoopStorm

2 years ago#1
How to earn 10 skills point under 2 minutes?
1. Acquire one of these car: 2013 BMW M6 Coupe FE or 1980 Renault 5 Turbo FE
2. Download my tune (GT: MajorPoopStorm) or fully upgrade your car & install rally spring and tires
3. Max out your skills tree -> https://goo.gl/k3Q24P
4. Go to the beach -> https://goo.gl/YrEmA1
5. Drift your car like you seen in this video -> https://goo.gl/bRFQAm
6. Profit under every 2 min

Earn extra 150k+ cash using the trick above
1. Earn enough skill points, must be 20 points or more
2. Buy either '82 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 or Nissan Fairlady '69 at the auto show for 150k
3. Spend 19 skills point to earn 300k on the left section at skills tree
4. Use your single remaining point for wheelspin
5. Either remove the car from your garage or auction it off for extra cash
6. Rinse and repeat

User Info: Mortem

2 years ago#2
If you own a speed perk FE car like the Maserati MC12 then the most efficient way to earn skill points, credits and influence in one go is to use the route creator to make a race that runs the entire length of the highway in both directions.

Depending on how long you keep your skill chain going, you can basically earn 10 skill points/50K CR/15K influence for 3 minutes of driving on unbeatable with minimal assists. If you do a longer circuit race with an emphasis on skill point farming then you can optimize your driving to bank a chain at exactly 10 skill points before starting over again. An additional post-race bonus is that you will level up and get wheelspins from the discipline the event was in, along with the regular global influence levels.

There are other viable cars to use if you can't get the MC12. Check your hypercar garage for car mastery trees that include X7 skill chain multiplier (Orion_SR just made a topic listing these), boosts to speed and clean racing skills, boost to ultimate skill chains and 200% extra influence for skills banked in campaign races.

The M6 FE is actually capable but requires some major tuning to make it handle at high speeds. The Renault doesn't have the top end but if you set the blueprint restrictions to all rally cars for example then it could work, although it would take significantly longer to grind.

The 911/Fairlady method for farming credits is of course useful if you have disposable skill points, but it takes a while and is pretty boring if you're gonna do it regularly. Personally I like to take my chances flipping cars in the auction house.

Yesterday in a span of 15 minutes I picked up 5 Porsche 918's for 468-600K buyout. Of those 5, 4 of them didn't have any mastery perks redeemed so I got a total of 800K CR from 4X 200K perks, 8 wheelspins just from the redeemed perks alone, car collector and skills influence perks along with additional influence from merely having the cars in my garage that amounted to another wheelspin. I then sold all of them within the hour for 700K buyout each and got about another million CR from the wheelspins. YMMV.
"Although, the '71 Bestia in MC2 sounded like some unearthly animal mating call or something" - thatguywithpi
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