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  3. Right I give up.. I knew i would.

User Info: Corinthas

4 weeks ago#1
yep cant even summon enough patience to get past the first mid-boss. The unchained ogre :D

The bastard can drop kick at right angles! I'm not ducking going to deal with a game where the attack can track you round a corner, sorry.

Apart from that its looks great and I'm sure a lot of people will love it, me I just don't have the patience for this s***.

User Info: chain872005

4 weeks ago#2
Oh well.

User Info: Biscotti

4 weeks ago#3
I suggest some hot buttered toast and a nice sweet drink.

Then come back a bit later.

(ps. that dude is also kicking my ass)

User Info: VanDam

4 weeks ago#4
I didn't even attempt it. I'm having fun watching the boss fights on You Tube, but I know this wouldn't be the game for me. I was never any good at the Souls games. Still a game I am interested in, but not from a playing standpoint.
My power is discombobulatingly devastating, I could feel his facial tissue collapse under my force. Its ludicrous these mortals even attempt to enter my realm.

User Info: Astardes

4 weeks ago#5
Another casual successfully filtered

User Info: Moukaryuu

4 weeks ago#6
Is this the dude in Hirata that you're supposed to use fire against?
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User Info: QuietStorm323

4 weeks ago#7
I used to be like that with Bloodborne, until it finally clicked (plus grinding). For the ogre, did you get the fire weapon? Will make it much easier. If you didn't, you can look up a guide on how to get it without even engaging in combat.

Something you might want to do is watching gameplay walkthroughs when you're stuck. Seeing somebody else playing will help you notice the enemy patterns and the player's mistake(s). It'll help you better understand the game and make it more enjoyable.

User Info: Lemon-snake

4 weeks ago#8
Stop listening to the game, the tutorials lied to you. Jump away to defend against his attacks, then dash in, attack, repeat.
The game is only hard if you follow the "intended" way. You can run past all enemies at no penalty. You can cheese almost every boss and mid boss. And I think you are *supposed* to.

User Info: egpNoodlez

4 weeks ago#9
I took my first true death when Ogre grabbed me and then threw me off the cliff. I found out then you can't revive at all if you got pitted :(

Came back with fire and took my revenge!

User Info: BigLongDowner

4 weeks ago#10
Don't give up. I'm no Souls pro and I am definitely not the best at Sekiro but I have overcome every wall I've hit so far. My ass has been handed to me countless times but I prevail.
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  3. Right I give up.. I knew i would.
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